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Connect with Cobb County

Connect with Cobb County Government

There are multiple ways you can stay in touch with what Cobb County Government is doing.  From social media to newsletters, public meetings, and texts to your phone, choose your method of getting news and information from Cobb.

Main Information Line: 770-528-1000
Main Information Email:


Cobb produces dozens of newsletters about various topics in the county.  It is a good way to learn what is happening in county government in your neighborhood or get alerted to upcoming events.
From our weekly "CobbLine" newsletter to police advisories to PARKS events (and more), please visit our newsletter signup form to pick your preferences.  Subscribe to one or several, it's your choice.

Text Alerts

We now have the capability to send text messages to notify residents of significant events in the county. This new alert system is reserved for important events only (boil water alerts, major road closures, evacuations, etc.). To enroll, text ALERTS to 68217.

Social Media - Connect with Cobb online!


Cobb County Government Communications
    Board of Commissioners news, general news and events

Human Resources


Cobb County Department of Transportation

    Cobb County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Maps, data, education

    PARKS - Arts Centers

    PARKS - Event Centers


    Public Safety

      Public Services 

        Cobb Tax Commissioner

        Cobb Water System


        @Cobbcountygovt - News

        @Cobbcountyda - District Attorney

        @Cobbcountygis - GIS - Geographic Information Systems




          Public Safety

          @CobbSeniors - Cobb Senior Services and Centers 

          @CobbTax - Tax Commissioner

          @RYY_Airport - McCollum Airport - McCollum Field - RYY

          @CobbCountyDOT - Transportation

          @CobbWater - Cobb Water System and Education


          CobbTV - Cobb County Government
          Live streaming of county public meetings, recorded versions of public meetings, live-streamed county events, informational videos, and more.

          Cobb County Fire Department

          Cobb County Police Department

          Cobb County Public Library

          Cobb County Water

          X (formerly Twitter)

          Cobb County - news and information

          Cobb County Government - more news and information

          Cobb Animal Services - Animal Services

          Cobb DOT - Transportation

          Cobb Fire and Emergency Services

          Cobb County Public Library - Cobb Library System, all locations

          Cobb County PARKS - Parks, Recreation, Athletics, Sports, Therapeutics

          Cobb Police Department - Police

          Cobb Sheriff - Sheriff's Office


          Cobb Transit - CobbLinc

          Cobb County Water System



          Podcasts from Cobb departments

          Cobb Library's Creative Studios "Room C" podcast