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Commercial Water Conservation

In the community water conservation can have major environmental, public health, and economic benefits. Efficient use of water not only helps to protect our drinking water resources but will reduce the amount you spend each month on your water bill. Behavioral, operational, or equipment changes, if practiced broadly, can also help lessen the effects of droughts in the future. What can your business or organization do to improve your water conservation plan?

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Cobb County Water System offers no-cost consultations, providing technical advice on practical and cost-effective best management practices to help your business or organization prevent water pollution and conserve water. After an on-site walkthrough is completed, our Cobb Water staff will create a customized action plan, inviting outstanding participants to become a Healthy Streams Partner.

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These tips can help commercial and institutional facilities understand and manage their water use, help facilities establish an effective water management program, and identify projects and practices that can reduce facility water use. 

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Toilet Rebate

Accounts billed commercial water rates are eligible to receive a $50.00/toilet bill credit for up to 100 toilets per property. The credit will be applied to the properties' water bill at the location of installation. The commercial property can only apply for the rebate once and the credit will not exceed $5,000.00.