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Customer Incentives for Water Conservation

two new toilets being installed side-by-side
Commercial Toilet

Accounts billed commercial water rates are eligible to receive a $50.00/toilet bill credit for up to 100 toilets per property. The credit will be applied as to the properties' water bill at the location of installation. The commercial property can only apply for the rebate once and the credit will not exceed $5,000.00.

a man laying on the floor trying to fix a toilet
Residential Toilet

One of the biggest water users in the home is the toilet, up to 30% of the water used indoors may be flushed down the drain every day. CCWS residential customers can receive a $100 water bill credit for the purchase and installation of 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf) or less WaterSense labeled ultra-high efficiency toilets. The rebate is limited to no more than 3 toilets per property. 

a flume water sensor strapped around a water meter with a flume bridge next to it

CCWS offers a $100 bill credit for the purchase and installation of the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor. Flume Smart Home Water Monitor captures whole home water use. To install the Flume system, no tools are needed, no pipe cutting is required, and no experience is necessary.