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Community Partners for Healthy Streams (CPHS)

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Customers today are actively seeking businesses and institutions committed to environmental conservation and water efficiency. Learn ways to prevent water pollution and save water at your workplace by listening to this monthly podcast.


Ep. 11 Commercial Toilet Rebate Program

Ep. 10 Fats, Oils and Grease

Ep. 9. Washing Commercial Vehicles

Ep. 8. What is Pretreatment?

Ep. 7. Professional Landscaping and Stormwater Management

Ep. 6. Stormwater Pollution Prevention at Restaurants

Ep. 5. Detention and Retention Ponds - What's the difference?

Ep. 4. Detention Ponds on Multi-residential and Commercial Properties

Ep. 3. Overwinter Landscaping for Water Quality

Ep 2. Safe Ways to Discharge Public Swimming Pool Water

Do you work in a place that has a public swimming pool? Learn the safest ways to discharge excess pool water during the off-season months.

Ep 1. Catch Basin Care

Proper maintenance of storm drains and catch basins both in and around your workplace is one often overlooked solution towards preventing water pollution.

Consultation Program

Cobb County Water System offers no-cost consultations, providing technical advice on practical and cost-effective best management practices to help your business or organization prevent water pollution or conserve water. After a virtual or on-site walkthrough is completed, our Cobb Water staff will create a customized action plan Request a consultation online today.

Outstanding participants in the program that demonstrate environmental leadership through the implementation of practices will be invited to become a Healthy Streams Partner.

Current Community Partners for Healthy Streams

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Fact Sheets

Below is a collection of fact sheets that provide specific practices to protect water quality, save water and prevent pollution. They are geared towards commercial businesses, multi-family residential property owners and institutions. Search for a topic that you would like best management recommendations on and click to view the document online.

Series #1 - Housekeeping Practices

 Series #2 - Maintaining Engineered Stormwater Controls

 Series #3 - Maintaining Equipment and Vehicles

 Series #4 - Maintaining Buildings and Pavement

 Series #5 - Maintaining Landscapes

 Series #6 - Site Design and Construction

 Series #7 - Managing Wastes

 Series #8 - Education