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Community Partners for Healthy Streams (CPHS)

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Customers today are actively seeking businesses and institutions committed to environmental conservation and water efficiency. Healthy streams partners demonstrate environmental leadership in their respective industries by implementing practices which prevent stormwater pollution and lower water usage.

The key benefits from participation are:

  • Stand out as an industry leader by demonstrating commitment in protecting our local waterways
  • Save on water, energy and operational costs by adopting cost-effective practices
  • Public recognition from a local government utility, Cobb County Water System, through Cobb Water System’s online social media platforms

Become a certified partner. The application is 100% free. Apply online to become a partner.

Together with a program specialist, CPHS participants will:

  1. Assess current practices at your business or company’s location.
  2. Develop an action plan based on that assessment.
  3. Commit to implementing the best practices in the plan within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. Receive recognition with an official letter and certificate.

In addition, your business and institution will be added to the official list of Community Partners for Healthy Streams and will be promoted as such on our social media platforms.

Your business or organization must be located within Cobb County to apply.

Not sure where to start? Check out our Healthy Streams fact sheets at the end of this webpage, which provide specific recommendations to protect water quality and prevent pollution.

Current Community Partners for Healthy Streams

Fact Sheets

Below is a collection of fact sheets that provide specific practices to protect water quality, save water and prevent pollution. They are geared towards commercial businesses, multi-family residential property owners and institutions. Search for a topic that you would like best management recommendations on and click to view the document online.

Series #1 - Housekeeping Practices

 Series #2 - Maintaining Engineered Stormwater Controls

 Series #3 - Maintaining Equipment and Vehicles

 Series #4 - Maintaining Buildings and Pavement

 Series #5 - Maintaining Landscapes

 Series #6 - Site Design and Construction

 Series #7 - Managing Wastes

 Series #8 - Education