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Water Conservation and Water Leaks

Unexpected leaks can occur in plumbing systems and cause high bills. CCWS encourages customers to repair leaks promptly and completely. The following resources can help you locate potential leaks and provide a partial offset of the costs associated with certain plumbing failures.  

a woman looking into a toilet tank in a bathroom setting
Locating Leaks

All the pipes and fixtures after the water meter, in your home and yard, comprise your home’s water system. Maintenance and repairs of that system is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and essential to prevent water loss and excessive water bills. It is important to understand your plumbing system and be able to detect and recognize potential plumbing problems and leaks.

an illustration of a leaking pipe
Leak Adjustment

The Water System has a Leak Credit Policy that provides a partial credit for eligible leaks once in a rolling 12-month period. The credit can be applied to no more than two affected months. The purpose of the policy is to assist customers with a partial offset of the costs associated with certain plumbing failures, not to fully compensate a customer for the costs of a leak.  Customers are responsible for paying the water bill while waiting for a leak credit to be processed.

a flume water sensor strapped around a water meter with a flume bridge next to it
Flume Check Out Program

Think you might have a leak? Have a higher than normal monthly usage amount and wondering where your water is going? CCWS customers can borrow a Flume Smart Home Water Monitor for up to 90 days to track their real-time water use. The Flume Water Sensor straps easily around the water meter at your property and communicates water use in real-time to the Flume app through a Wi-Fi bridge.  No cutting of pipes or plumbing is needed.