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Water Conservation

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FAQ Topics

How do I check if I have a leak in my home?

Check your water use by reading your water meter. A meter continuing to move with no water sources on, probably indicates a leak. The most common leak inside the home is the toilet and can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day. To learn how to read your meter and chase down leaks inside your home, visit our Indoor Conservation page.

Who do I contact to report a leak?

The maintenance and repair of pipes and fixtures from the water main meter to the home, and waste inside the home, are the sole responsibility of the customer, including any charges associated with a leak. Contact Emergency Response & Dispatch ONLY to report a sewer backup in your home or on the street, or a broken water line with gushing, seeping, or leaks.

Why should I conserve water when there isn’t a drought?

Cobb County’s drinking water is solely supplied from surface water, which is reliant on rainwater for resupply. As population increases throughout the area, the demand for water also increases. Monitoring your personal water use can help ease the severity of droughts in the future. Reducing the amount of water citizens use each day, helps to ensure an adequate supply for community uses, such as for firefighters and in hospitals.

How can I reduce my family’s water use?

Reducing your family’s water use can be as simple as changing a few habits, or as complicated as installing new low flow toilets and showerheads. For ideas on how your family can save water, visit our Indoor Conservation page.

How can I reduce my business’ water use?

Restaurants and other businesses have the opportunity to be a leading example in water conservation. For more information on ways to conserve water at your business, visit our High Water Users page and our Community Partner’s for Healthy Streams program.