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Water Education in Schools

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FAQ Topics

How do I book a program?

Use the online form or email one of our educators:

What information do you need from me for the booking process?

Complete the online program request form.

It includes:

  • Date of program
  • Number of presentations
  • Number of classes attending
  • Number of students in each class/presentation (if combining classes)
  • Main contact name and email/phone number.
Is there a fee or cost?

No. All of our programs are 100% free of charge.

When do you offer school programs?

Typically, our school programs run between August 1 and March 31. We do not typically provide school programs between April 1 and July 31.

Can we combine classes to fit our school schedule?

Yes. We will work with you and your schedule to accommodate the grade level fairly.

How far in advance do I need to register?

Each educator manages their own schedule, the person who serves your grade level will work with you to schedule programs that are best for your lesson planning and within the constraints of their work schedule. Typically, the sooner you schedule, the better the chances you’ll get the date you want.

What if I need to cancel a program?

Just let us know, if possible, we will do our best to reschedule.

How many students per lesson?

It depends on the program and setting where the lessons will take place. We typically accommodate one class at a time, but can be flexible.

Which program is appropriate for my grade level?

Take a look at our program menu, each listing included standards of excellence and a description of the grade-level appropriate programs we offer. Contact our educators for more details.

How long are the programs?

Program lengths vary, and we can adjust most of them to suite your time constraints. Check with your educator about specifics for the program you wish to schedule.

Do all programs include a live snake presentation?

No, our two corn snakes need to rest too, so we reserve them for particular programs designed to fulfill the lesson and meet standards.

Can we facilitate the program outdoors?

Yes! Teaching outdoors is our preference. If you have ideas about where we can best facilitate the program on your campus, let us know!

Do we need to provide anything to have you visit our school?

No. Other than occasionally asking your students to bring a pen or pencil for certain programs (our staff will let you know in advance), we come with all of the materials we will need to complete the program for your students. Some programs require water, a sink and large spaces to gather, this will be communicated during the booking process.

Can you come out and present multiple lessons to our classes throughout the year?

We try to serve all of Cobb County Schools evenly, which means we typically can only visit your school, or grad level once per year. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, we only have staff to provide one lesson per school per year.

Can you come back for a second visit?

If your classes are too large to combine and serve in one day, we will come back.

Do programs require one room for the duration or can the facilitator move from classroom to classroom?

We will do our best to accommodate the space available. Due to the nature of certain programs and the equipment used, some programs do require a single room for the entire day. Talk to our staff when you book your program.