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Water Rates

Water Rates

Cobb Water System customers are billed monthly for water and sewer fees. The water meter is read monthly to determine the consumption.

Up to a maximum of 10% of the Water System’s revenue may be transferred to the County’s General Fund. For further information please visit the Finance Department's section.

Our average residential customer utilizes 4,000-5,000 gallons of water per month and is charged $45.51-$56.42 for water and sewer service per month. This is the lowest rate in the Atlanta Metro area, and it is substantially lower than most other large counties. Our customers pay just over $1.00 for 100 gallons of water to be withdrawn from Allatoona Lake or the Chattahoochee River and purified, delivered to their homes, removed once used, treated to a very high standard, and returned to either Allatoona Lake or the Chattahoochee River cleaner than it was when originally withdrawn so it is available for further use and enjoyment.

A summary of the commodity charges is listed below. For more detailed information on the rate structure effective September 1, 2018, please click here. 

Water and Sewer Rates
Note:  Rates listed do not include the monthly service charge. The typical monthly service charge for a residential customer is $7.00.
Per thousand gallons
Per thousand gallons
Single Family Residential
TIER 1: 1000-3,000 $3.04 $3.16
TIER 2: 4,000-15,000 $4.69 $4.87
TIER 3: 16,000-29,000 $5.84 $6.06
TIER 4: 30,000-49,000 $6.64 $6.90
TIER 5: 50,000 and above $8.87 $9.21
Non-Residential $4.60 $4.78
Irrigation $8.87 $9.21
Wastewater Fee
Sewer Fee $5.82 $6.04