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Water System Construction Projects

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Construction Projects

FAQ Topics

How long does the contractor prequalification process take?

Applications are reviewed by the Water System staff upon receipt, but additions to the List of Prequalified Contractors require the approval of the Board of Commissioners. Approval of additions are made only on a quarterly basis, so the entire process may take several months, depending on when the application is received.

How often must a contractor apply for prequalification?

The County policy requires that the List be abandoned every two years and the prequalification process be repeated. Notices are sent to the contractors when renewal is necessary.

Does Cobb County add contractors to the list by reciprocity?

No. While the prequalification of contractors by other local jurisdictions is taken into consideration, each contractor must complete the application, review, and approval process of the Cobb County Water System.

Are individual notices sent to contractors on the List when a project is advertised for bid?

No. Projects are advertised on Fridays in the Legal Section of the Marietta Daily Journal and are also listed on the Cobb County Procurement Services website.

How will sewer line repairs affect my home or neighborhood?

If the repair is located in the street, inconveniences could include short-term road closures or interruptions in service. At times, sewer lines are located on easements on private property, which requires the contractor to gain access for personnel and equipment to complete the repairs. Every effort is made to minimize the inconvenience to residents

Will the main sewer lines remain in service during the construction period?

Yes, normally through the use of “bypass pumps”. Bypass pumping is a necessary element of rehabilitation to underground sewer pipes. During repair of the pipes, sewage is diverted to above ground pipelines that are tied to pumping systems that maintain the steady flow of the sewer. After rehabilitation work is completed, the bypass pumping is removed in phases and sewer flows are returned to the newly rehabilitated underground pipes.

Will new water mains in my area affect the quality of my water?

There may be temporary instances of discolored water during or just after construction activities, usually because of disturbances in water flow, but the water is still safe for all uses. You can run the water at an outside faucet for several minutes to help flush the lines.

Will my water bill go up because new water mains are installed?

No. The construction costs for Water Main Replacement projects are included in the Water System’s Capital Improvement Program and are funded through revenues based on the existing rate structure.

Will the service line to my house be replaced as part of a construction project?

No. The County’s water distribution system ends on the customer’s side of the water meter. All components of the water supply to a home from this point (the water meter) are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.