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Superior Court Juror Information

Superior Court Courthouse
Daily Juror Instructions--Click Here for Reporting Information
  • Have you received a summons for jury duty?  
  • Were you instructed to check the night before your first day of reporting as instructed on the jury summons you received?
  • Were you instructed to check the website for Reporting Instructions

If you are received a Grand Jury summons, please click  the "Grand Juror Information" link located on the left menu bar.

COVID-19 Juror Information and Updates

A mask is optional when entering the courthouse but may be required if  COVID-19 cases are at the High-Risk Level for our community..

Click here for Court updates pertaining to  Covid-19 &The Court

Link to Grand Jury Health and Safety Video
Jury and the Courts: Health and Your Safety

Cobb County Superior Court has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that our courthouse is sanitized for your safety. 

The Courthouse will follow the  guidelines below  if COVID-19 cases are at the High-Risk level for our community .

Please watch the short video on the health and safety improvements of the courthouse.   

Juror Health & Safety Precautions


Here at Cobb County Superior Court, your health and safety are of the utmost importance. We have carefully planned for jurors’ return to the courthouse by modifying our public spaces, courtrooms, and jury rooms in accordance with CDC guidelines. Cobb County Superior Court requires everyone on the judicial campus to follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing. Below are some of the measures our Court has taken to ensure your health and safety while serving as a juror.

The Courthouse will follow the  guidelines below if COVID-19 cases are at the high-risk level for our community.

  • Masks required for all petit jurors, court personnel & visitors                   
  • Social distancing throughout courthouse.
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout courthouse.
  • Cleaning wipes & spray available for petit juror use upon request.
  • Staggered report times for jurors. 
  • Reduced capacity in jury assembly room.
  • Jurors seated at least 6 feet apart at all times.

Contact Information and Parking

(770) 528-1757-- (press "1" for Juror message & Daily Juror Instructions)
(770) 528-1808 --(Fax)

Need an Interpreter?

For interpreting services, please contact the Interpreter Program at (770) 528-1861, or


Juror Orientation Video

General Information

The Constitution of the United States guarantees everyone the right to a trial by a jury of his/her peers, and therefore juries have a long standing tradition in American jurisprudence. The Superior Court Jury Administration Office is responsible for summoning Cobb County citizens to serve as jurors on petit and grand jury panels. Petit jurors can serve on either criminal or civil juries, while grand jurors hand down indictments in criminal actions and perform other types of investigatory functions.

In 2019, The Superior Court of Cobb County heard 68 jury trials. Although 13,880 were summoned for jury duty and 5,930 reported for jury service, only 774 were actually chosen to sit on a jury. Those jurors chosen served an average of 3.3 days.  When jurors report, most cases are settled and/or  plead  just by you being in attendance.   Your actual presence for jury duty moves cases.    The court knows your time is valuable, just know there is a lot going on behind the scene and your presence plays an important role in helping the court conduct its business.    Jurors are essential to our justice system.


Receiving a Jury Summons

When you receive a Jury Summons for Cobb Superior Court, it is a subpoena to appear as a potential juror. You have been randomly selected by a computer to provide a good cross section of the community. It is a United States Citizen’s highest privilege, and patriotic duty. It also gives you an opportunity to see how the courts in your community function under the law. Georgia law requires that it is mandatory that you serve as a juror, unless you have a legal exemption under the Georgia State Law. A person’s occupation, business, or economic status is not a legal exemption.

When you receive your jury summons, please read it carefully for all the instructions and information located on the front and the back of the summons as it will provide all the information you will need pertaining to your jury service. Keep your summons and bring it with you on the days you are required to report.

Jury Service Information

Your jury service can last an average of one week. You will be asked to call the voice mail or check our website  each evening after 6:00 p.m. to see if you will need to report for jury duty the next day or not.    A juror is paid $35.00 per day, for the days they are physically here. The days you are not required to appear for jury duty, you can resume your normal daily activities.

Rules of the Court

Granting Exemptions

Under Georgia State Law, exemptions are granted to the following properly documented persons:

  • Persons who are permanently disabled either mentally or physically, will be excused upon receipt of proper documentation from their medical physician. The documentation must state a permanent disability exists to excuse you. A Medical Affidavit is located on the website.
  • Persons age 70 or older who do not wish to serve may request to be inactivated from jury duty by  requesting their name be removed from the jury list. 
  • Full-time students at a college, university, vocational school or other post-secondary school who request to be excused or deferred must provide documentation from their school registrar's office. This must be submitted prior to jury date.
  • Any person who is a primary caregiver having active care and custody of a child six years of age or under who has no alternative child care available must sign an affidavit available on the website. 
  • Persons who is the primary unpaid caregiver for a person OVER the age of six; who completes an affidavit stating that such primary caregiver is responsible for the care of a person with such physical or cognitive limitations the he or she is unable to care for himself or  herself and cannot be left unattended and that a primary caregiver has no reasonably available alternative to provide for care.  The documentation must be filled out by a physician or other medical provider and submitted prior to your jury service date.
  • If you are a primary teacher in a home you may request to be excused or deferred if you are in a home study program and have no reasonably available alternative teacher.
  • Active Military member or the spouse of an Active Military member on ordered military duty can request to be excused or deferred.  An affidavit or a copy of your current military  orders must be submitted prior to jury date.

Exemption Forms

Once the exemption form is completed and notarized (if applicable), you can email the form by scanning it (pdf format) or by taking picture
to:  The notary stamp must be visible.   You can also upload and submit your exemption request here


Jurors can request a maximum of a possible one-time postponement. A postponement request must be made in writing no later than two weeks prior to your service date. All postponements are granted or denied under the discretion of the court, in accordance to the needs of the court and the juror's previous number of granted request.

The postponement time frame is no later than eight weeks up to ten weeks from your original service date. For a longer deferment, the juror must have a doctor's letter or medical affidavit with an expected recovery time.

We require a written request for our records as to why you would like a postponement.

You can also submit a postponement through our jury services website by clicking here

Juror Donation Program

As a juror in Cobb County Superior Court, you have the unique opportunity to give even more back to your community through our Juror Fee Donation Program.

By checking the appropriate box on the form you will be given, you can donate the fee you would normally receive for your jury service ($35.00 a day) to one of the designated areas within the county.

The money would go to capital improvement projects & operating purposes only. You will receive a certificate showing the amount you donated and to which area. Your donation is tax deductible.  Only one choice can be made. Your choices will be:

  • Cobb County Animal Shelter
  • Cobb Trees Program
  • Focus on Forever: A Marital Seminar
  • Cobb Parks and Recreation
  • Cobb Public Library System
  • Cobb Senior Services

The donation program is completely optional.

Juror Donation Form

Georgia State Law for Jurors Regarding Employment

§ 34-1-3. Unlawful to discharge or discipline employee who is absent for purpose of attending judicial proceeding in response to court order or process

(a) It shall be unlawful for any employer or the agent of such employer to discharge, discipline, or otherwise penalize an employee because the employee is absent from his or her employment for the purpose of attending a judicial proceeding in response to a subpoena, summons for jury duty, or other court order or process which requires the attendance of the employee at the judicial proceeding. It shall be unlawful for any employer or the agent of such employer to threaten to take or communicate an intention of taking any action declared to be unlawful by this subsection.

(b) Any employer or agent of such employer who violates subsection (a) of this Code section shall be liable to the injured employee for all actual damages thereby suffered by the employee and for reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the employee in asserting a successful claim under this Code section.

(c) This Code section shall not apply to an employee who is charged with a crime, nor shall it prohibit an employer from requiring an employee to abide by regulations requiring reasonable notification to an employer of the employee's expected absence or delay in reporting to work in order to attend a judicial proceeding.

Laws 1987, p. 1156, § 1; Laws 1990, p. 590, § 2.


Employee is entitled to pay while serving jury duty. – An employee is entitled to be paid his salary while missing work to serve on jury duty. 1989 Op. Atty Gen. No. 89-55