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Superior Court Daily Juror Instructions

Superior Courthouse
October 25, 2021

Cobb County Superior Court

Daily Juror Instructions

For Jurors summoned in the Cobb Superior Court for the week beginning October 25, 2021

Instructions for Jurors selected for Judge Brantley’s Jury Trial

Jurors  listed below have been selected for Judge Brantley’s  jury trial.  Jurors selected are required to report on Wednesday morning, October 27, 2021  at 9:00 am to the 1st Floor Cobb Superior Court Jury Assembly Room. 

The following jurors have been selected to serve:

Jurors Chosen:
Group A:   5.  John Hatcher;  7. Hannah McDowell;  11. Dorria Francis;  13. Saba Konjedi;  14. Michael Gentry

Group B:  17. Corey Cooper;  18. Tyler N. Tyler;  19. Emma O’Brien;  20. Letisha Johnson;  24. Kenneth Haywood, III;   27. Melissa Kohring;  28. Roslyn James;  30. Tiffani Taylor


Group C: Does not need to report on Wednesday at all.


Instructions for Jurors selected for Judge Poole’s Jury Trial

If you are currently serving as a juror for Judge Poole’s jury trial, please do as the judge has instructed.


Parking: Jurors selected will need to park in either Jury Lot “A” entrance located at 147 Dobb Street, Marietta, GA. or Jury lot   “B” located at 122 Waddell Street NE, Marietta GA  30060 


Instructions for all other jurors

All other jurors can resume your normal daily activities for Wednesday, October 27, 2021.  Jurors  will need to call the voicemail or check the website at 6 pm Wednesday evening for  final instructions.


Thank you.