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Superior Court Forms

Court Administration Forms

Court Appearances, Other Forms and Information

Court Appearances
Request to Waive In-Custody Transport
Important Note:  An attorney may request that an in-custody defendant not be transported for a routine court appearance using the Request to Waive In-Custody transport form above.  Once completed, this form must be emailed or otherwise forwarded to both the assigned judge's office and the assigned prosecutor, in  order for it to be effective.

Request to Use Recording Device (Rule 22)
Rule 22 (Request To Use A Recording Device Pursuant To Rule 22 On Recording Of Judicial Proceedings)

Boykin Rights Form

Disinterment Packet

Jury Trial Calendars

DISCLAIMER: This calendar reflects the weeks jurors will be summoned.  The calendar also reflects a TENTATIVE schedule for each Superior Court Judge to conduct jury trials.  The schedule for judges is subject to change according to the needs of each judge, subject only to the availability of jurors.

2024 Superior Court Jury Calendar

Family Law Forms

Declaration of Sole Custody

This petition is intended for mothers attempting to obtain a passport for a minor child born out of wedlock. These forms cannot be used if there is already a child custody order in place.

Declaration of Sole Custody (Full Packet)

Individual forms contained within this packet:

Name Change of Adult

Poverty Affidavit

This is a sworn statement asking the court to waive the filing and service fees in your case due to poverty. If you are filing more than one case, a separate Poverty Affidavit is required for each case.

Complete the affidavit and have it notarized before presenting it for review. Bring the notarized affidavit, along with the completed and signed action (complaint, petition, etc.) you wish to file without paying the filing fee. You must also bring proof of income, such as pay stubs or unemployment stubs and copies of your bills.

Poverty Affidavits are heard each Friday at 2 p.m. in the Superior Court, 70 Haynes St., Courtroom 4400 (Fourth Floor). If you arrive after the appointed time, you will not be heard and will have to return on another Friday. 

Poverty Affidavit (Full packet)

Individual forms: