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Community Development Lobbies are now open to the public with limited occupancy. Customers are encouraged to continue using all online services, saving time, lines, and gas.  

Please note: we are not accepting cash payments until further notice. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and contactless payments through android pay, apple pay, and others. Visitors are highly advised to wear masks and must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from other visitors and County employees.

All front-facing divisions are following special procedures explained in this article. 

Community Development General News Archives


July 2017 Corrective: Z-35'16 Adventur Living LLC

Correction: The Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved the Settlement of Litigation for R-15 zoning. It was approved to R-15 for sixteen single family houses, subject to numerous stipulations agreed to by the opposition. Located on the east side of Ebenezer Road, north of Blackwell Road, 3862 Ebenezer Road. 

June 2017 (Quarterly)

Planning Study Archives

The Supplemental Plans Synopsis, Appendix 6 in the Cobb County 2040 Comprehensive Plan, provides a one-page synopsis for each of the plans referenced in the Supplemental Plans section of the Comp Plan under the Land Use element. Plans included in this synopsis date back from 1998 to present. These abstracts provide a summary for each of the studies and plans to planners, developers, investors and the community for a quick reference to understand the vision and implementation strategies of planned areas. In addition, there are maps that show areas where Design Guidelines exist and Corridor Studies and Master Plans. 

The plans included in this document include: 

  • Atlanta Road Corridor Study, 1998 - Page 3 of PDF linked below
  • Kennesaw Mtn National Battlefield Lost Mountain to Brushy Mtn Earthworks Preservation Plan, 1998 - Page 5 of PDF linked below
  • Powder Springs, Flint Hill Master Plan, 1999 - Page 6 of PDF linked below
  • C.H. James Parkway Corridor Study, 2001 - Page 7 of PDF linked below
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan, 2001 - Page 9 of PDF linked below
  • Canton Road Corridor Plan, 2005 - Page 11 of PDF linked below
  • Greenprint Study, 2005 - Page 14 of PDF linked below
  • Senior Adult Transportation Study, 2007 - No Summary Available
  • Macland Road Corridor Study, 2008 - Page 16 of PDF linked below
  • SR6 Corridor Plan, 2008 - Page 18 of PDF linked below
  • Global Greentech Corridor, 2009 - Page 20 of PDF linked below
  • Industrial Land Inventory and Protection Policy, 2009 - Page 22 of PDF linked below
  • Historic Mableton Preservation and Improvement Plan (LCI), 2009 - Page 24 of PDF linked below
  • Cobb County Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Plan, 2010 - No Summary Available
  • South Cobb Town Center: Mableton Lifelong Communities Master Plan, 2010 - Page 29 of PDF linked below
  • Veterans Memorial Highway LCI Plan, 2010 - Page 31 of PDF linked below
  • Complete Streets Implementation Strategies and Best Practices, 2011 - Page 33 of PDF linked below
  • Cumberland Far South Area Plan, 2011 - No Summary Available
  • Delk/Franklin LCI Plan, 2011 - Page 34 of PDF linked below
  • Johnson Ferry Road Urban Design Plan, 2011 - Page 36 of PDf linked below
  • River Line Master Plan, 2011 - Page 38 of PDF linked below
  • Six Flags Road Corridor Plan, 2012 - Page 40 of PDF linked below
  • South Cobb Implementation Strategy, 2012 - Page 42 of PDF linked below
  • Vinings Vision: A Master Plan for a Georgia Historic Community, 2012 - Page 44 of PDF linked below
  • Cobb's Competitive EDGE, 2013 - Page 46 of PDF linked below
  • Austell Road Access Management Plan, 2014 - Page 47 of PDF linked below
  • Austell Road Corridor Study LCI, 2014 - Page 48 of PDF linked below
  • Northwest Cobb Land Vulnerability Analysis, 2014 - Page 49 of PDF linked below
  • Town Center LCI Five-Year Update, 2014 - Page 51 of PDF linked below
  • Comprehensive Transportation Plan, 2015 - Page 53 of PDF linked below
  • Dobbins Air Reserve Base Joint Land Use Study, 2015 - Page 54 of PDF linked below
  • Powers Ferry Master Plan Five-Year Update, 2015 - Page 56 of PDF linked below
  • Cobb County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan, 2016 - No Summary Available
  • Town Center CID Master Plan, 2016 - Page 58 of PDF linked below
  • Cobb Senior Services 10-year Master Plan, 2017 - Page 59 of PDF linked below
  • Cobb PARKS Master Plan, 2018 - No Summary Available

View the Supplemental Plans Synopsis for more information on past planning studies.

For a copy of any study final draft, please email a request to