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Mableton Cityhood Information

city of mableton city limits

Voters approved incorporating the City of Mableton during a referendum on the November 8, 2022, general election ballot.  Cobb County Government officials are eager to assist those with the new city tasked with providing services in the community.   During the transition, the county will continue to give residents of the new city the services they currently receive as long as they are needed.

Statement Regarding the Ballot Language for the Creation of the City of Mableton

On November 8, 2022, General Election, voters in the proposed city boundaries of Mableton were presented with a referendum on creating the City of Mableton.  Recent questions have arisen regarding the wording of the question on the ballot and the applicability of the city boundary. 

The Cobb County Elections Superintendent prints the form and language of the ballot following the Georgia Election Code.  Section 7.13 of House Bill 839, which the Georgia General Assembly adopted in March 2022, mandates the exact wording of the language regarding the creation of the City of Mableton. 

Mableton's city limits

The boundary of the new city is described in Appendix A of House Bill 839.  The new city’s boundary includes voters in the unincorporated areas of south Cobb who may have mailing addresses associated with other cities.  The city name used in a mailing address is determined by the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code.  The ZIP code system is a numbered coding system used by the US Postal Service for mail processing.  The US Postal Service assigns ZIP codes based on mail volume and geography to mailing addresses.  ZIP codes do not generally correspond to the city boundary of the property but to the city or community where the post office serving that address is located.  Having a ZIP code associated with a particular city does not mean that a property is located within the boundaries of that city – it is merely the name of the post office through which mail is delivered.

More information about HB 839 may be found on the General Assembly’s website

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Mableton municipal election candidate information

Click here to download information concerning candidates who have qualified for the municipal election for the city of Mableton.  For other information about city officials, their terms, and salaries, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

We are upset over the referendum's ballot language, or we seek to have our neighborhood de-annexed from the new city. Why won't the County help us?

By law, the County cannot advocate for or against any cityhood issue. Cobb County government played no role in authoring the ballot language or drawing the new city's boundaries.

What happens next?

The Governor can appoint five persons to serve as "interim representatives" of the newly incorporated municipality to facilitate the provision of municipal services and facilities. However, that group can not enter into binding agreements or expend public funds. The members of this group will be ineligible to qualify for election to the new city council.

When will the city form?

OCGA § 36-31-8 allows for a transition period not to exceed 24 months for the transition of government functions from the County to the new municipal corporation.

An election of a new city council will happen on March 21, 2023. Voters will choose a Mayor and six council members. The first council will serve staggered terms. Three of the initial council members will serve from March 2023-December 2025, and the other three will serve from March 2023-December 2027. After that initial council, they will serve four-year terms. The council will run on a non-partisan basis. Elected officials can not serve more than three consecutive terms.

The city council will take office following the certification of the vote.

How many will work for the new city?

The enabling legislation provides for the appointment of a city manager for the city's day-to-day operations, a municipal court and its judge, a city attorney, and a city clerk.

The city council can determine what other positions need to be created for the new city.

What services will the new city provide?

After the end of the transition period, the city will be responsible for all municipal services within its boundaries, just as any other city in Georgia. Georgia law requires that a city in Georgia provide at least three of the following services, either directly or by contract (O.C.G.A. 36-30-7.1):

  1. Law enforcement
  2. Fire protection and fire safety
  3. Road and street construction or maintenance
  4. Solid waste management
  5. Water supply or distribution or both
  6. Wastewater treatment
  7. Stormwater collection and disposal
  8. Electric or gas utility service
  9. Enforcement of building, housing, plumbing, electrical, and other similar codes
  10. Planning and zoning, and
  11. Recreational facilities

Once elected, the mayor and city council will determine which services to deliver to its citizens – and whether to provide the services directly or through a contract with the County, another local government, or a vendor. Through the transition period, the County will continue to provide services and functions except for those that the mayor and council are allowed to begin according to the city charter or as agreed between the County and city. The level of service provided by the County after the transition period will depend upon the mutual agreement of the Board of Commissioners, mayor, and city council.

Who will provide services to the residents of Mableton during the transition period?

Per state law (O.C.G.A. § 36-31-8(b) and City of Mableton Charter § 7.15(b)):  The County shall continue to provide such services and functions until the end of the transition period; provided, however, that the new city may assume the provision of any service or function at a such earlier time as may be specified in the local chartering Act or at such earlier time as may be agreed upon by the County and the new city.

Now that I am in the City of Mableton, am I still a Cobb County resident?

Absolutely! Creating the new city does not impact your status as a Cobb County citizen and resident of District 4. Commissioner Monique Sheffield will continue to serve as your District Commissioner. 

Mableton City Limits

Check out this interactive map of the Mableton city limits to see if your address falls within the boundaries.

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