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Cobb Pkwy/McCollum Pkwy Realignment Study

McCollum Parkway Scoping Study map
March 28, 2023

The Stakeholder Steering Committee is looking for your feedback for the Cobb Parkway at McCollum Parkway Scoping Study.

To leave a comment, choose a pin from one of the commenting options at the top of your screen, and drag that pin to the location on the map that corresponds to your comment. After dropping a pin, you'll be able to leave a detailed comment and given the option to upload a photo. You can also "like," "dislike," and comment on existing comments. 

Please choose from the following comment types:

  • Safety Concerns: Consider safety issues related to mobility (walking, biking, driving) as well as general safety (lighting, eyes on the street, etc.)
  • Traffic Congestion: Where is traffic backed up? Describe the congestion you experience at this location.
  • Pedestrian Facilities: Where are sidewalks and pedestrian facilities missing or in need of repair?
  • Key Community Features: What existing community features and amenities would you like to see preserved or enhanced?
  • Economic Development Issues and Opportunities: Where do you see potential for development, or where do you have concerns regarding current or future development? Think about businesses, jobs, services, housing, etc.
  • Other: Leave a comment on anything else you think is relevant.

Click on the link below to fill out the survey:
Cobb Pkwy/McCollum Pkwy Realignment Study | Social Pinpoint (

The first public meeting in regards to the survey will be on May 11 from 6-8 p.m. at the Ben Robertson Community Center. More information regarding the meeting will be forthcoming.