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Sewell Mill Library Creative Studios

collage image of patrons utilizing the Recording Studio and Green Room at the Creative Studios

The Creative Studios at the Sewell Mill Library & Cultural Center are a great space to learn, create and collaborate.

The Creative Studios are located inside the Sewell Mill Library & Cultural Center. We are here to help with your content creation. The Creative Studios provide suites and equipment for audio and video recording, digital editing, design, and collaboration. 

Recording Studio

You can record and edit your next podcast episode in the sound recording suite or record your next single in the Sound Recording Studio. We offer powerful iMac Pros with Audacity and Pro Tools to make editing your project easier. 

Equipment Software
8Ch Audio interface Audacity
Condenser and Dynamic mics available FL Studio
Electronic Drum Kit Pro Tools
Guitars available Reason
MIDI Keyboard  

Video Studio

Create professional videos with a green screen and 4-point lighting in the Video Studio. The Creative Studios offer cameras and microphones to help you create high quality videos for your social media. Edit your videos with our powerful iMac Pros with Final Cut Pro or the entire Adobe Software Suite.

Equipment Software
Cameras Adobe CC
Green Screen  Final Cut Pro

Soundproof Digital Rooms

Our three small rooms provide services for video and audio editing including beat making, sampling, and digitizing analog audio media.

    Room A - Audio / used in combination with Recording Studio

    Room A is an audio editing booth with a Rode NT-1A microphone, ProTools, Reason, and Audacity.

    • Audacity
    • Mac
    • Pro Tools 
    • Reason
    • Rode NT1-A

    Room B - Video /  used in combination with Video Studio

    Room B is a video editing room with a Mac that includes Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Audacity.

    • Adobe CC
    • Audacity
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Mac

    Room C - Beat Making / Sampling

    Room C is a room for beat making and sampling. The Windows 10 PC has FL Studio, Audacity, and Adobe Creative Cloud. The room is also equipped with a record player and cassette deck for digitizing analog audio media.

    • Audacity
    • Cassette Deck
    • FL Studio
    • PC / Window 10
    • Record Player

    Upcoming Classes

    Check here for upcoming classes. More classes coming soon!

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