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What do you need to do?

Register at It’s the fastest and easiest way to get all of your personalized pharmacy benefits information. You can also call 1-833-267-2133.

2019 Drug List with Anthem

Your plan uses the National Drug List. It includes hundreds of generic and brand-name prescription drugs.

Drugs are grouped in tiers. Your share of the cost will depend on which tier your drug is on. The lower the tier, the lower your cost. 

Your plan uses the Preferred Generics program. This means when there’s a generic option available and you choose to go with the brand-name drug instead, you’ll pay more. Check with your doctor to see if there’s a generic option that’s right for you. It’ll save you money!

Click HERE to view the drug list. 

2019 Specialty Pharmacy

If you have a complex health condition that requires specialty drugs for your treatment, you’ll need to get them through IngenioRx, our specialty pharmacy. Specialty drugs are drugs that may need special handling or that you may get by injection or infusion. You may also be able to choose other in-network specialty pharmacies.

To view a list of covered specialty drugs, visit and select the Exclusive Specialty Drug List. You can also call customer services at 1-833-255-0645.