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Flexible Spending Account

About Flexible Spending Accounts

Cobb County Government offers employees two Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's):

  • Health Care Account
  • Dependent Child Care Account

Flexible Spending accounts provide a way for you to pay for certain unreimbursed health care and dependent child care expenses with tax-free dollars. You contribute before-tax dollars directly from your pay to either or both Flexible Spending Account.

Why? Because you save money since the contributions are made before taxes. This is comparable to every $1.00 you elect only affecting your take-home pay by about $0.70.

All with the convenience of a MasterCard! Current FSA Participants must keep their card until the imprinted expiration date. Annual Elections are credited each year on January 1st. Replacement Cards are $7.50 and will be deducted from your FSA account.

Limits are :

  • $5,000 to Dependent Child Care Accounts ($2,500 if married and filing separate returns) 
  • $2,850 in Medical Health Care Accounts  for 2023 and $3,010 for 2024

You can access your MedCom accounts online at the WealthCare Portal for MedCom. (Registration ID is MCOCOBCTY)

Health Care Accounts and Child Care Accounts are completely separate. You cannot use money set aside in your Health Care Account for Child Care expenses and vice versa.  If you have questions about the FSA  benefit, contact Houze & Associates, Inc. at 800-523-7135 or

Manual Claims

Prefer to save up and file at one time?  Simply complete a paper claim form. Submit the form in one of four ways:

  • Email the form to
  • Fax the form to MedCom at 877-723-0149
  • Mail the form to:
    MedCom Flex Department
    P.O. Box 10269
    Jacksonville, FL 32247-0269
  • Upload the form to FSA Online Account through the WealthCare Portal for MedCom (Registration ID is MCOCOBCTY)
  • Download the MedCom App, Medcom WealthCare Mobile, from the AppleStore and Google Play.