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Offices to be Filled

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List of Offices to be Elected

Review which offices are up for election in 2021 by clicking to download and print the Official List.

Cobb County Municipalities

City of Acworth

Office Incumbent Term
Mayor Tommy Allegood 4 Years
Alderman (Post 4 ) Tim Richardson 4 Years
Alderman (Post 5) Tim Houston 4 Years


City of Austell

Office Incumbent Term
Council At Large (Post 1) Melanie Maria Elder 4 Years
Council (Ward 1) Marlin Lamar  4 Years
Council (Ward 3 ) Randy P. Green 4 Years


City of Kennesaw

Office Incumbent Term
Council At Large (Post 3) Pat Ferris 4 Years
Council At Large (Post 4) Chris Henderson 4 Years
Council At Large (Post 5) David Blinkhorn 4 Years


City of Marietta

Office Incumbent Term
Mayor Steve “Thunder” Tumlin 4 Years
Council (Ward 1) Cheryl Richardson 4 Years
Council (Ward 2) Griffin Chalfant Jr. 4 Years
Council (Ward 3) Johnny Walker 4 Years
Council (Ward 4) Andy Morris 4 Years
Council (Ward 5) Reginald Copeland 4 Years
Council (Ward 6) Michelle Cooper Kelly 4 Years
Council (Ward 7) Joseph R. Goldstein 4 Years
School Board (Ward 1) Alan Levine 4 Years
School Board (Ward 2) Jason Waters 4 Years
School Board (Ward 3) Randy Weiner 4 Years
School Board (Ward 4) Allison Gruehn 4 Years
School Board (Ward 5) Angela Orange 4 Years
School Board (Ward 6) Kerry Minervini 4 Years
School Board (Ward 7) Irene Holly Berens 4 Years

City of Powder Springs

Office  Incumbent Term
Council (Ward 1) Henry L. Lust 4 Years
Council (Ward 2) Doris Dawkins 4 Years
Council (Ward 3) Nancy Farmer 4 Years