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State Court Jury Service

Chief Justice Harold D. Melton Justice Needs Jurors
Justice Needs Jurors featuring Chief Justice Harold D. Melton

Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold D. Melton explains the important role of jurors in the justice system. #JusticeNeedsJurors

COVID-19 Requirements for Visitors

Face covering/mask required for all visitors entering the State Court Building.

State Court Building Tower
Petit Juror Reporting Instructions

Serving jury duty?   Click here for reporting instructions.


The State Court of Cobb County will again summons jurors beginning the week of May 17, 2021.   

Contact Information

General Information:  (770) 528-2626
Recorded Message:  (770) 528-2626, press 1
Fax:  (770) 528-2627
E-mail:  [email protected]

The State Court of Cobb County conducts jury trials on misdemeanor and civil cases where a party requests a trial by jury. All criminal jury trials in this court are tried before a six-person jury. Civil cases, wherein the amount of the claim exceeds $25,000.00, can request a twelve-person jury. All other civil cases are tried by a six-person jury.

Juror Service

Jury service is typically for one week, unless otherwise instructed by the judge. Jurors will report at 8:00 a.m. on their first day (usually on Mondays except during holiday weeks).  They will be checked in and given an orientation on the petit juror process which includes what will be expected of you. Jurors may be placed on call and given instructions for reporting for the rest of the week, which is normally 9:00 a.m. Jurors selected to serve on a jury trial will follow the judge’s instruction for reporting. Jurors may serve on multiple jury trials. Jurors will receive $25 per day compensation only for the days they report in person at the courthouse. Many jurors serve less than a full week.

Reporting Location

All jurors should report to the jury assembly room on the fourth floor of the State Court Building "B" located at 12 East Park Square, Marietta, Georgia. 

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, jurors should check local news channels, CobbTV, or the Cobb County Government website for reporting times and possible court closings.


Free parking is provided to those summoned for jury duty and special parking locations are available to handicapped jurors. Please bring your juror summons for verification for jury parking.

Please park at the County Parking Deck labeled “P” on the top level.  Entrance to the parking deck is located on Hansell Street.  The address is 191 Lawrence Street in  Marietta, GA 30060.  You will receive validation for free parking from Jury Administration. 

Security Check

Guns, knives, mace, scissors and similar type weapons are not permitted in the State Court Building. Your clearance through our security screening will be expedited by not having these items in your possession.

Electronic Devices

The Jury Assembly Room is equipped with a wireless network that is available for jurors.  Cell phones and other personal electronic devices including laptops, tablets, etc. are allowed in the Jury Assembly Room.  Please be sure to bring head phones or ear buds for use with devices that have audio.

Exemption Requests

Non-Residents of Cobb County

If you are no longer a resident of Cobb County, please submit a copy of a valid driver’s license, current utility bill, mortgage statement/lease agreement, voter registration card, or motor vehicle registration that shows your name and current address.

Full-Time Students

If you are a full-time student, please e-mail class enrollment verification from the school's Registrar's Office stating you are a full-time student at the time of your service date.

Exemption Forms (Notary Public Required)

Postponement Request

The court will consider postponing your week of jury service to a future date.  All requests must be made in writing.  Submit a Postponement Request form.  Requests can also be e-mailed to [email protected].   All requests must be made from the person summoned for jury service.

Employers cannot request a postponement for a summoned employee, but can write in support of the employee's request for postponement.

Postponements will be considered based on the trial demands during the week you are to serve and the number of previous postponements granted.

Proper Court Attire for Jurors

Acceptable Court Attire

If you are appearing for jury duty, you should dress in a manner that shows respect for the Court.  

Unacceptable Court Attire

  • Gym clothes including gym shorts, muscle shirts, spandex of any kind, yoga pants, jogging pants
  • Pajama pants
  • T-shirts advertising a product or t-shirts containing profanity or controversial content
  • Short skirts that are overly revealing
  • Shorts
  • Uniform clothing from your place of employment

Georgia State Law for Jurors Regarding Employment

§ 34-1-3. Unlawful to discharge or discipline employee who is absent for purpose of attending judicial proceeding in response to court order or process

(a) It shall be unlawful for any employer or the agent of such employer to discharge, discipline, or otherwise penalize an employee because the employee is absent from his or her employment for the purpose of attending a judicial proceeding in response to a subpoena, summons for jury duty, or other court order or process which requires the attendance of the employee at the judicial proceeding. It shall be unlawful for any employer or the agent of such employer to threaten to take or communicate an intention of taking any action declared to be unlawful by this subsection.

(b) Any employer or agent of such employer who violates subsection (a) of this Code section shall be liable to the injured employee for all actual damages thereby suffered by the employee and for reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the employee in asserting a successful claim under this Code section.

(c) This Code section shall not apply to an employee who is charged with a crime, nor shall it prohibit an employer from requiring an employee to abide by regulations requiring reasonable notification to an employer of the employee's expected absence or delay in reporting to work in order to attend a judicial proceeding.

Laws 1987, p. 1156, § 1; Laws 1990, p. 590, § 2.



Employee is entitled to pay while serving jury duty. – An employee is entitled to be paid his salary while missing work to serve on jury duty. 1989 Op. Att’y Gen. No. 89-55