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State Court Jury Service

State Court Building Tower
CLICK HERE for State Court Daily Juror Instructions for Reporting

Serving on jury duty?   Check here after 6:00 PM the day before your jury service report date for instructions for your Pool Group.


During the week of your jury service, check back each evening after 6:00 PM for reporting instructions for the next day until your jury duty is completed.

Contact Information

General Information:  (770) 528-2626
Recorded Message:  (770) 528-2626, press 1
Jury Administration Office:  (770) 528-2628
Fax:  (770) 528-2627

The State Court of Cobb County conducts jury trials on misdemeanor and civil cases where a party requests a trial by jury. All criminal jury trials in this court are tried before a six-person jury. Civil cases, wherein the amount of the claim exceeds $25,000.00, can request a twelve-person jury. All other civil cases are tried by a six-person jury.

Exemption Requests

There are certain exemptions that may legally excuse you from jury service or make you ineligible to serve. Jurors must submit appropriate documentation of an exemption to be excused. Postponements are granted or denied at the discretion of the court and will be considered based on the trial demands during the week you are scheduled to serve and the number of previous postponements granted.

Click here to request a postponement OR submit exemption documentation. 

Printable Exemption Forms (Notary Public may be required and must be visible on the form):​​


Jury Scam Alert

Residents of Cobb County continue to receive fraudulent phone calls claiming that the victim failed to appear for jury duty in Superior or State Court of Cobb County. The scammer tells the victim that he or she can avoid arrest by making a payment, which may include purchasing a pre-paid card—such as a Green Dot card or gift card—and then giving the card number to the scammer. The scammer may sound convincing and use real information about the victim, real court addresses, and real names of law enforcement officers, court officials, and judges to make the scam appear more credible. Scammers may even “spoof” the phone number on caller ID so the call falsely appears to be from a court number or the number of another government agency.

  • The court will always send a jury summons by U.S. Mail.
  • The court and law enforcement will never demand payment over the phone.
  • The court and law enforcement will never demand a gift card number to satisfy an obligation.
  • A prospective juror who disregards a jury summons will be contacted through U. S. Mail by the court and may, in certain circumstances, be ordered to appear before a judge. Such an order will always be in writing and signed by a judge. 
  • A fine will never be imposed until after the individual has appeared in court and been given the opportunity to explain his or her failure to appear. If a fine is imposed, it will be in open court and reduced to writing (and will not be payable by gift card number).

If you have received a scam phone call and wish to verify whether you have been summoned for jury duty in Cobb County, please contact Jury Administration at 770-528-2628. You may also contact the Cobb County Sheriff's Office at 770-499-4700 or 770-499-4766 if you are a victim of a scam or have any other related concerns.

These sorts of scams have been reported by local and national news outlets, and the FBI warns the public of ongoing widespread fraud schemes in which scammers impersonate law enforcement or government officials in attempts to extort money or steal personally identifiable information.  For more information from the FBI's public service announcement, please click link below.

FBI Public Service Announcement

Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media

It is important to know your responsibilities as a juror to ensure fairness to the parties in a case.

Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media

Georgia State Law for Jurors Regarding Employment

§ 34-1-3. Unlawful to discharge or discipline employee who is absent for purpose of attending judicial proceeding in response to court order or process

(a) It shall be unlawful for any employer or the agent of such employer to discharge, discipline, or otherwise penalize an employee because the employee is absent from his or her employment for the purpose of attending a judicial proceeding in response to a subpoena, summons for jury duty, or other court order or process which requires the attendance of the employee at the judicial proceeding. It shall be unlawful for any employer or the agent of such employer to threaten to take or communicate an intention of taking any action declared to be unlawful by this subsection.

(b) Any employer or agent of such employer who violates subsection (a) of this Code section shall be liable to the injured employee for all actual damages thereby suffered by the employee and for reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the employee in asserting a successful claim under this Code section.

(c) This Code section shall not apply to an employee who is charged with a crime, nor shall it prohibit an employer from requiring an employee to abide by regulations requiring reasonable notification to an employer of the employee's expected absence or delay in reporting to work in order to attend a judicial proceeding.

Laws 1987, p. 1156, § 1; Laws 1990, p. 590, § 2.


Employee is entitled to pay while serving jury duty. – An employee is entitled to be paid his salary while missing work to serve on jury duty. 1989 Op. Att’y Gen. No. 89-55

Juror Compensation Donation Program

As a juror in the State Court of Cobb County, you have the unique opportunity to give even more back to your community through our Juror Compensation Donation Program. Jurors can voluntarily elect to donate their juror compensation of $50 per each day they report for jury service to one of the following organizations/departments: 

Cobb County Accountability Court Treatment Programs:

Cobb County Departments/Organizations:

All donations are tax-deductible. Please speak with a member of the Jury Administration staff to learn how to donate!