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Cobb Trees

Skip Wells Park Tree Planting

“Planting for a Greener Cobb!”

The Cobb Trees Program, a subdivision of Keep Cobb Beautiful, was founded October of 2000 and has been fulfilling its mission “Planting for a greener Cobb” since December of that year.  To date the program has provided over 5,000 trees to help beautify and enhance the quality of life for all Cobb County residents.

Cobb Trees provides educational activities, contests, community plantings, mulching and upkeep activities, tree dedications, tree adoptions, Arbor Day programs and other activities for the county.

The program is fully endorsed by the Cobb County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris, Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Lisa Cupid, and Commissioners Keli Gambrill (District 1), and JoAnn K. Birrell (District 3).

This could not have been possible without the collaboration of the Georgia Forestry Commission, Cobb County Public Service Agency, the Department of Transportation, Community Development, and Property Management.

 Many of our trees, materials, and refreshments are generously donated by area businesses that support our “green” efforts.

Check our calendar and facebook page often for volunteer opportunities. Our planting season runs from October to March.


School Campus Beautification Program

School Campus Beautification Program Volunteers

The School Campus Beautification Program for the Cobb County School District is operated via a partnership between the Cobb Trees Program and the GA Forestry Commission.  Its purpose is to provide an environmentally friendly place for educators to teach and students to work and play.  Trees play a vital role on our school campuses.

Trees are beneficial to your child’s campus because:

  • Trees diminish dust in the air which subsequently decreases asthmatic conditions
  • Provides shade which decreases UV rays absorbed by children, faculty, and staff
  • Reduces energy use to keep the facilities cool
  • Protects and prevents playground equipment from reaching dangerous temperatures
  • Tree roots help control soil compaction and erosion
  • Reduces the temperature of the school grounds overall

National Planting Day

National Planting Day Volunteers, planting a small tree

National Planting Day celebrates the value and power of native species in restoring ecological balance to the environment while creating greener, more beautiful communities.  With a national focus on the month of September and activities happening throughout the Fall, Keep Cobb Beautiful in conjunction with Keep America Beautiful, its affiliates and its partners are mobilizing Cobb County to plant native species of trees, flowers, and plants.

Why Plant Natives?

Native species are losing ground to suburbanization, fragmented habitats, ornamental plants and invasive species.  Yet we know that natives are critical to attracting specialized pollinators and insects, which in turn provide food for birds and ultimately many more animals up the food chain.  Natives also provide habitat for wildlife. Natives are hardy, low maintenance and require less water than other ornamentals.  A good reference website about native plants is American Beauties Native Plants.

Get Growing is a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful.