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COVID-19 Updates

Latest News and Announcements

Governor Kemp Lifts COVID Restrictions in Georgia as of April 8, 2021

Governor Kemp has lifted the remaining COVID-19 public health restrictions in Georgia as of today.  These include:

   -  Bans on large gatherings of more than 50 people

   -  Restrictions on patrons in bars and restaurants

   -  The remaining “shelter-in-place” orders for at-risk groups

He has not yet released a formal Executive Order but made the announcement by video.  You can view that video at the following link:

Evictions Moratorium Extended - Chief Magistrate Judge Updates FAQ's

From Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan Murphy:



Here are this month’s key updates:
(1) The CDC’s limited, temporary halt in certain residential evictions for non-payment of rent has been extended until June 30, 2021.  The latest Order has some clarifications and modifications that are covered in the FAQs. 
(2) The Magistrate Court has approximately 2,000 cases on hold due to the CDC Order.  With $22.8 million in rental assistance available in Cobb County, the Court will begin to schedule these held cases for hearing as of April 16, 2021.  Going forward, all dispossessory cases that require a hearing will be set down for a court date.  As the CDC Order is still in effect, it is important to note: if a CDC Declaration is provided in a residential, nonpayment of rent case, a Stay Order will be entered at the hearing and NO WRIT OF POSSESSION MAY ISSUE.  However, scheduling these required hearings will ensure that all parties have an opportunity to reach a mutually-agreeable resolution and access rental assistance as required by the CDC Order.
(3) Cobb County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (“ERA”) begins taking applications on April 1, 2021.  Please visit for program terms and eligibility.  Here is some key information:
            (a) Landlords and/or Tenants may apply.
            (b) Please apply as soon as possible.  There does NOT have to be an active eviction case pending to apply or receive assistance.
            (c) Please apply with only one provider.
            (d) If you’ve previously received assistance from one of the providers, please reapply with the same provider.
            (e) All five providers are administering the identical federal program with the same initial application, documentation requirements, and ability to pay up to twelve (12) months of rent/utilities needed due to a COVID-19 hardship.




Trials to Resume in Cobb State Court

March 11, 2021 -- Chief State Court Judge Carl Bowers issued an order to have jury trials in state court resume in May.

Please visit the "COVID Document Center" below to download and read the order for particulars.




Important Notice About Federal COVID Assistance Program

Cobb County's Board recently approved the use of five non-profit agencies to administer rental and utility assistance for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although this program was approved, the program contains rigorous application and reporting requirements.  The five groups are working together to come up with applications to meet these requirements.  They hope to be able to take applications later this month.

We will update the latest on our COVID Assistance Page (below).




Chief Judge Issues Order to Resume Jury Trials in April

Cobb's Chief Judge Robert Leonard has issued an order allowing the resumption of jury trials in Cobb County starting the week of April 19, 2021.

For details, read the Judge's Order here




Chief Justice Extends Judicial Emergency through March 9, 2021

For the 11th time, Georgia's Chief Justice has extended the Statewide Judicial Emergency.  This time through March 9, 2021.

View the document in our COVID Documents Center below for details.



Chairwoman Cupid joins Governor Kemp to tour vaccination site - February 3, 2021

Cobb Commission Chairwoman Lisa Cupid joined Governor Kemp on a tour of the drive-through vaccination site at Jim R. Miller Park.

Kemp told reporters the state had vaccinated the 1 millionth resident, but the supply continues to run well below demand.  Georgia will soon see its weekly allocation rise from 120,000 doses a week to 154,000 doses, but that remains well below what is needed.

Chairwoman Cupid says the county is working with the Public Health Department to crank up a call center to help answer questions and help those without internet access.




COVID-19 Updates from Public Health

February 4, 2021

Cobb and Douglas Public Health is helping Cobb residents stay up to date on the COVID-19 situation in the county.

Today's summary includes:

No new vaccination appointments are being made. The supply only allows currently scheduled first doses and second doses

The case rate continues to fall and hospitalizations are decreasing.  The death rate remains high.

Today's report includes the latest graphs prepared by Cobb County's GIS team.

View the report here


February 2, 2021 - Cobb and Douglas Public Health is keeping us updated on the COVID-19 pandemic in Cobb County and the effort to get residents vaccinated.

Highlights in today’s report include:

  • Case rate continues decline
  • Latest on vaccination effort
  • More on the variants in Cobb

Download the special update from Cobb and Douglas Public Health

February 2 Update - Read it here


February 1, 2021 - Here is today's update featuring additional graphs.  See the video above for more information on the current situation.


January 29, 2021 - Cobb and Douglas Public Health is keeping us updated on the COVID-19 pandemic in Cobb County and the effort to get residents vaccinated.

Highlights in today’s report include:

  • Cases per 100,000 residents have dropped below 700 (remember 100 is considered high)
  • No new appointments were added for vaccinations this week as re-scheduled appointments and second doses filled the slots
  • Hope for an increased supply continues

Cobb and Douglas Public Health COVID UPDATE - January 29, 2021


January 28, 2021 - Cobb and Douglas Public Health officials are keeping us up to date on the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic in our county and the effort to get people vaccinated.

The supply of vaccines continues to be far surpassed by the demand.  Getting an appointment remains difficult.

The case rate continues to slowly respond, and there is hope for more vaccines in the next few months.

COVID-19 Update for January 28, 2021


January 27, 2021 - Cobb and Douglas Public Health continues to update us on the latest with pandemic and the vaccination rollout.  In this report:

  • Cases per 100,000 residents in Cobb County continues a slow decline
  • Hospitals are fairing a bit better
  • The vaccination rollout continues slowly because of limited supply

Download the January 27, 2021 report here


January 26, 2021 - The information below is being presented as a public service to residents of Cobb County.  COVID-19 vaccination and testing efforts are being coordinated by the Georgia Department of Public Health and its local arm with Cobb and Douglas Public Health.

  • Cases to date:
    • 49,082 (PCR)
    • 11,066 Antigens
  • 2 week case rate = 885 per 100,000 (with Ags+PCR)
    • NOTE: 100 per 100,000 population is considered high community spread
  • Deaths reported = 663
  • Vaccination Effort
    • 12,309 doses administered (Cobb = 10,620)
    • Over 690 given at Jim R Miller Park Monday 
    • 216 doses given at Douglas Health Center
  • Status Update
    • Scheduling issues with CDPH caused some appts to be moved.
    • Vaccine supply not thought to be increasing much until March April
    • Hope for Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccine
    • Working with community partners on the creation of mass vaccination sites
  • Takeaways
    • Hope for more vaccines on the horizon in the next few months
    • Concerns for the variant strains in the state and community
    • Prevention must be adhered to:
      • Wearing masks
      • Physical distancing
      • Washing hands
      • Not gathering outside of households

Important Links:

Testing Appointments -

Testing Locations (CORE) -

COVID-19 Vaccinations -

COVID-19 Vaccination Providers -

COVID-19 Data (Georgia) -

COVID-19 Data (Cobb) -


January 25, 2021 - The information below is being presented as a public service to residents of Cobb County.  COVID-19 vaccination and testing efforts are being coordinated by the Georgia Department of Public Health and its local arm with Cobb and Douglas Public Health.

  • Cases to date:
    • 48,272 (PCR) 
    • 10,850 Antigens
  • 2 week case rate = 859 per 100,000 (with Ags+PCR)
    • NOTE: 100 per 100,000 population is considered high community spread
  • Deaths reported = 654
  • Vaccination Effort
    • 4400 doses currently on hand
    • 10,609 doses given (Cobb 9297)
    • Over 834 scheduled at Jim Miller today, Douglas Health Center 179
  • Status Update:
    • Scheduling issues with CDPH caused some appts to be moved. 
    • Vaccine supply not thought to be increasing much until March-April
    • Hope for Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson Vaccine
    • Working with community partners on the creation of mass vaccination sites 

Important Links:

Testing Appointments

Testing Locations (CORE)

COVID-19 Vaccinations 

COVID-19 Vaccination Providers

COVID-19 Data (Georgia) 

COVID-19 Data (Cobb)

Governor Kemp Again Extends Public Health Emergency (Jan 18, 2021)

Governor Kemp has again extended the statewide Public Health Emergency and expanded groups that can administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

His latest order can be found in the COVID Document Center

IMPORTANT LINKS - COVID Spreads: Do you have the symptoms?

The CDC has recently expanded the symptoms of COVID-19, and more people are testing positive.  Do you have any symptoms?  Do you know how to get tested?   Check the following links for crucial information.







Governor Kemp Extends Public Health Emergency through March 31

Governor Kemp signed an executive order continuing the Public Health Emergency concerning the coronavirus pandemic through March 31.  It also modifies guidance for restaurants and bars and updates some educational issues.

Please visit the Document Center below to download and read the latest order.




picture of the emergency rental assistance logo
Cobb COVID-19 Assistance Center

Cobb County is using federal relief funds to work with our partner groups and organizations to provide assistance to residents and county businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Check out our resource page to see the programs and groups available to help.

picture of GIS hub website
COVID-19 Resource & Data Hub

Our Focus: Providing Data and Resources. 

View information, statistics, local updates, and breaking news regarding COVID-19 in Cobb County.

picture of a stack of documents
Cobb COVID Document Center

Read important documents here!

∙ Governor's Executive Orders
∙ Judicial Emergency Declarations
∙ Public Health alerts
∙ County Declarations and Orders ...and more

County Operations

Animal Services

Effective immediately, visits to Cobb Animal Services will be by appointment only.

•             Visits by appointment only during these hours:   10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Tuesday - Sunday

•             Phone inquiries by calling 770-499-4136 during these hours:   10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Tuesday - Sunday

For round-the-clock info visit or email [email protected]

Your health and safety is important to us. Please observe social distancing guidelines when visiting the facility.

Board of Commissioners

Please visit for the latest status of the Board of Commissioners and other county meetings.

CobbLinc Bus Service

Please visit this site to check on the status of CobbLinc routes during the pandemic.

Community Development

Community Development Agency lobbies are currently observing public health guidelines for the safety of our customers. 
Customers are encouraged to continue using all online services -  saving time, skipping lines, and saving gas.  Everyone entering the building will be required to undergo screening. Visitors are advised to wear masks and must maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from other visitors and County employees.

Notice: Effective June 1, 2020, Development and Inspections staff is resuming inspections inside occupied homes or businesses (for instance, basement remodels, etc.) with certain additional protocols in place in order to minimize the risk to our inspectors and the community. These include:

•             Homes must be vacant while the inspector is conducting the inspection

•             Customers must maintain social distance, a minimum of 6’

•             Inspectors must wear masks while in all buildings that are being occupied

Please read this article for a detailed explanation of all UPDATED operations for Community Development Agency, including Business License, Zoning, Code Enforcement, and Development & Inspections operations.

Court System

Cobb's courts are operating under the Statewide Judicial Emergency.

If you have a case you should contact the appropriate court to check the status.


See for the latest on absentee voting, advance voting, and changes to precincts on election day

Library System

Some libraries are open, but with social media restrictions.

See for the latest on the status of your library branch.

Parks, Arts, & Recreation

Cobb outdoors parks are open.

Most indoor activities are still postponed.

Police Department

Central Records:

Beginning Monday, June 15, 2020, the Central Records Unit will be open to the public under new social distancing guidelines. The Central Records Unit is located at the front lobby of Police Headquarters at 140 North Marietta Parkway. The office hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. We encourage the public to use our website or phone services to obtain copies of accident and/or incident reports in order to avoid delays. Citizens can call 770-499-3900 and choose a menu option. is available 24 hours a day.

Permits Unit:

The Permits Office will re-open to the public on Monday, June 15, 2020, under new social distancing guidelines. The office hours will be Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. From June 15th - June 30th the permits office will focus only on NEW permits. We will assist customers who have never been issued a permit or who were issued a permit more than 2 years ago. Starting on Wednesday, July 1st, we will begin serving customers who need to renew their permits. You may also visit the permits page for the most current information. Any questions should be directed to 770-499-3932.

Evidence Unit:

The Evidence Unit will re-open to the public on Monday, June 15, 2020, under new social distancing guidelines. Property pickups will be by appointment only on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please call 770-499-4128, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to obtain an appointment.

Senior Services

Beginning Monday, October 5, the senior centers will operate on a limited status Monday-Thursday (9 a.m. -3 p.m.) and be closed to the public on Friday until further notice. We will also continue to offer virtual programming, which may be found on our website,

Sheriff's Office

Cobb Sheriff’s Office prepares for Covid-19

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation and has developed plans to allow us to react quickly in this ever-changing atmosphere. We are committed to doing our part by working with the Cobb/Douglas Public Health Department and Wellstar Health Systems while closely following their recommendations to ensure the health and well-being of our staff and inmates. We have no reported cases of Covid-19 in our facilities at this time.

Increased attention has been placed on the screening process of those individuals brought to our facility with a more in-depth questioning of past travels and health concerns prior to their incarceration. This too is a fluid process that will change as we receive updates about the virus. We have extended our transition time between intake and cell assignments to fourteen days to allow for enhanced observation for symptoms of Covid-19. We are looking closely at our visitation process and how it can be modified during this time so as to minimize the possibility of passing the virus. We are also assessing access to public lobbies and face to face transactions. Plans are in place that, if needed, we can open a temporary housing unit for the Sheriff’s Office staff to reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus between work and home.

Our Sheriff’s Office is working closely with the judicial staff and partner law enforcement agencies regarding the processing of warrants and orders from the court, to include evictions, restraining orders and other orders in areas that might increase person-to-person contact. The Sheriff’s Office is also actively working with Cobb Information Services in exploring options available to facilitate remote work duties, when appropriate, from home.

Earlier today Sheriff Warren sent out an email to all staff supporting and praising them for the job they are doing and to let them know that they are making a positive difference during this trying time in our community. Sheriff Warren and his command staff are having regular daily discussions and continue to make the necessary adjustments when needed to ensure the overall best health and safety of our staff and those in their care. He closed his email with "We are committed with everyone to fight the spread of Covid-19 in our community. God bless you all and God bless America!"

We ask that you keep check on our website and social media along the county government websites and social media for any changes that may affect you during this time.

Glenn Daniel, Cobb County Sheriff’s Office
Cell: 678-634-4651
Desk: 770-421-6796
Email: [email protected]

Tax Commissioner's Office

All Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office locations have officially re-opened to the public as of Monday, June 8, 2020, with normal business hours of Monday - Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

To ensure you have the latest information as we navigate our new operating environment, we have created a COVID-19 information hub. Here you can find the latest information about how we are responding to COVID-19, review our new processes and procedures, learn how to prepare for a visit to one of our offices, get answers to frequently-asked-questions, and more. 

Water System

Cobb County Water System continues to comply with social distancing recommendations to safeguard the public and employees during the COVID-19 public health crisis.  During this time your water remains safe. COVID-19 is not a waterborne disease.

  • Cobb County Water System’s drive-thru and lobbies are open.  Meter sales and development and contractor services are being done by appointment. Information can be found at 
  • The Call Center is operating from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  We anticipate longer hold times and encourage customers to use our online tools.  
  • Online tools are available 24/7 and include applications for starting and stopping service, leak credits, service transfers, address changes, and new meter installation requests. Email inquiries or concerns at [email protected]
  • Our new payment site has account information and you can set up reminders and autopayments.  First-time users can register, and create a user ID and password on our Bill Pay page

Community Resources

Public Health Info and Recommendations

Recommendations: Cobb and Douglas Public Health has issued new guidelines during this pandemic.

Medical Information: Cobb County officials are staying in close contact with our colleagues at the Cobb & Douglas Public Health Department while watching the COVID-19 virus situation. 

This is an evolving situation and you can take action to make sure you are well-informed and take the appropriate measures.

COVID-19 Community Reference Guide

Our resource list for individuals & companies affected by COVID-19 can be downloaded by clicking here.

Cobb County Community Services Board

Cobb County Community Services Board remains open to help those with Behavioral Health Challenges.

View the news release and more information

United Way Resources

United Way 211 for help –  The 2-1-1 Contact Center is a free information and referral resource that connects people to the essential health and human services they need.   Text, chat live, email, search the device, download the mobile app to seek help.

To donate visit

211 is here to help

For those seeking resources/services during this time – the easiest and quickest way to access is text "211od" to 898-211.  Follow the prompts and it is immediate.  I went through it myself yesterday with a few different scenarios.  The online database is also another quick resource –

Volunteer – in a socially distant way

There is still much that can be done to help.  See volunteer opportunities here:

united way

Cobb Community Foundation Resources

Cobb Community Foundation (CCF) has taken a number of steps to support our business community and non-profit agencies serving families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have quickly updated online community resources, created funds to provide much-needed support, and mobilized daily status calls to help support non-profit collaboration to better serve Cobb’s urgent community needs.

CCF COVID-19 Response:

  • Map of Community Support Services: An easy to search online resource to quickly locate community services, such as food pantries. Individuals can access up-to-date information from Cobb non-profits at
  • Cobb COVID-19 Community Response Fund: Provides charitable non-profit grants to increased access to food, prescriptions and healthcare, childcare and basic needs. Learn more.
  • Operation Meal Plan Fund: Created by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Center for Family Resources, Cobb Community Foundation, and Cobb County non-profits, to provide food to those in need, help our restaurants keep their workers employed, and provide a vehicle for citizens to help. Learn more.

“Cobb County is home to a strong community of individuals who support each other, our local businesses, non-profit organizations, and our families in need,” stated Shari Martin, President and CEO of Cobb Community Foundation. “Especially now, amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, I know that as a community foundation, it’s our role to build and deploy resources to help support our community. Together we can make a difference.”

Food Bank Locations

The Atlanta Food Bank has a new way of finding food banks. Individuals can text "findfood" to +1 888-976-2232. Enter zip code and they will text a food bank list in their area. If there is food bank in the area they will provide the closet location as well.

Press Contact

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