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Water Education Green School Initiative

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We’ve changed a few things about how we certify classrooms and schools for the Green School Initiative. We are providing more ways to become a green school! Students can participate in green activities that will count for your certification. With your guidance and encouragement, your students will make a difference in their community throughout the current virtual learning journey.  Click here to see what's new!

The Green School Initiative encourages teachers to bring activities that offer ecological enrichment and appreciation for the natural world into their classroom. Those that participate are called Green Teachers and when a school has five Green Teachers, the school can become a certified Cobb County Green School. Green Classrooms and Schools are recognized annually for their efforts.

The Green School Initiative is a program of the Cobb County Water System’s Watershed Stewardship and Water Efficiency Programs, Cobb County Parks Natural Resource Management, and Keep Cobb Beautiful.  

The purpose of this initiative is to recognize schools in Cobb County with an active environmental education program and encourage other schools to develop environmentally based education initiatives within their schools.    

The primary focus of the program is developing a basic knowledge and understanding of the importance of conserving and preserving our environment.  The program annually recognizes Cobb County classrooms and schools that have met the Green School requirements.  These schools are recognized for participating in activities that promote good environmental stewardship. 

Award-Winning School!

Cobb County Green School Initiative also awards a Green School Silver and Gold Medal award.

A Green School Silver Medal Award:
10 -14 Green Classrooms (10 - 14 teachers doing five earth-friendly activities throughout the year and submitting their completed Activities Log)

A Green School Gold Medal Award:
15 or more Green Classrooms (15+ teachers doing five earth-friendly activities throughout the year and submitting their completed Activities Log)

The Green Innovation Award will recognize one school each year that has gone above and beyond the Gold Medal requirements of the Green School Initiative to create an innovative environmental program for its students and/or community. Use the links below to learn more about the award or to view the application.

Green Innovation Award Application
Green Innovation Award Information


Become A Green School

It is easy being green!

The Green School Initiative is open to all public and private schools in Cobb County, grades K-12.

To qualify as a Green Classroom a teacher must complete five environmentally based lesson plans per year. This can be any environmentally beneficial project, a lesson plan of your own, a facility tour, or presentations by one of the Cobb County Green School Coordinators. After the projects are completed, submit a completed activity log that explains the 5 activities, including: The names, dates, duration, brief description, number of students, and what the students learned. This information may be provided on our online form, or the form can be printed and mailed to Green School Initiative, 662 South Cobb Dr. Marietta, GA 30060.

Schools interested in achieving Green School status must register online. In order to qualify as a Green School, five teachers in your school must each complete five earth-friendly activities throughout the year. After each teacher completes the lessons, an activity log should be completed by the teacher via the online form or mailed to the address above. The deadline for submission of your information is the last school day of March. If you have an activity scheduled for later in the year please submit the activities log including that activity with the date the lesson is planned via the online form prior to the last school day of March. A Green School Coordinator may contact you to confirm completion of the activity. Green Classroom and Green School recognition will be held during April and May prior to the end of the school year. Schools successfully fulfilling the requirements will be awarded:

Public declaration of Cobb County Green School Status

A Green School Driveway sign

Green School Designation

2020/2021 Cobb County Green Schools

19 schools received Gold status designation, with at least 15 green teachers:
Addison Elementary, Baker Elementary, Blackwell Elementary, Bullard Elementary, Cheatham Hill Elementary, Compton Elementary, Due West Elementary, Ford Elementary, Frey Elementary, King Springs Elementary, Lewis Elementary, McCall Elementary, McCleskey Middle, Murdock Elementary, Nickajack Elementary, Simpson Middle, Still Elementary, Tritt Elementary, Vaughan Elementary

5 schools received Silver status designation, with at least 10 green teachers:
Austell Elementary, Bells Ferry Elementary, Daniell Middle, Keheley Elementary, Timber Ridge Elementary 

6 schools received Green status designation, with at least 5 green teachers:
Chalker Elementary, Cooper Middle, Garrison Mill Elementary, Hillgrove High, Norton Park Elementary, Pickett’s Mill Elementary

2 schools had teachers certifying their classroom as Green Classrooms:
Hightower Trail Middle, Pine Mountain Middle

In total, 32 schools received Green School a designation for the 2020/21 school year. These designations represent the work of 531 teachers who reported
3,124 hours of environmental education for 25,771 students.

Contact Us

Cobb County Green School Coordinators:

Mike Kahle 
Program Supervisor
Watershed Stewardship Program 
☎  770-528-1482 
[email protected]

Kevin Hill
Education Programmer 
Natural Resources Management Unit 
☎  770-528-8829
[email protected]

Kimberly White
Executive Director
Keep Cobb Beautiful Program 
☎  770-528-2503
[email protected]