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Water Education High School Programs

Students doing an experiment

Programs range from 45 - 90 minutes and can be tailored to support your curriculum needs and science club’s objectives.

To book a program please email us at [email protected]  or call 770-419-6431.

Programs Available

We have reduced the amount of programming we can offer due to the current pandemic situation. Once we are able to offer more programs, this website will be updated.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and let us know.

What is a Watershed?

Explore the watershed concept and how topography influences the movement of water across the landscape. Through a hands-on Enviroscape activity, students will discuss water movement across land, identify local non-point pollution sources impacting waterways within the watershed and brainstorm some conservation measures that could be taken to protect the environment.
SEC1a; SEC1b; SEC1c; SEC5a; SEC5d; SEV4a; SEV4b; SO2a; SO6a; SO6c; SO6d

Water & Wastewater 101

From raw water sources to treating wastewater, there are many systems in place to ensure healthy water, environment, and infrastructure. Water Systems 101 introduces students to an overview of Cobb County’s water system, the engineering behind how it functions and career opportunities available to those interested in the field. Led by a Cobb County Water Systems Compliance Supervisor when available.

Adopt A Stream

Due to the current pandemic situation, the Adopt A Stream school program is temporarily suspended. For more information about certification, stream monitoring, and lessons, please contact our educators by emailing [email protected] or calling (770) 419-6431.