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Water Service Line Inventory (WSLI) Project

Presione aquí para información en español sobre el Proyecto de inventario de líneas de servicio de agua (WSLI).

a drawing diagram showing where the water meter is located and where the home owner's and public water service lines begin and end.

Water Service Line Types & Responsibilities

Cobb County Water System (CCWS) distributes water throughout the county through its water mains. Connected to the water mains are “service lines” that deliver water to individual customers. There are two types of service lines: 
• public service lines 
• private service lines 
A public service line is the pipe from the water main to the connection point at the water meter. A private service line is the pipe connecting from the meter to the property owner’s building. CCWS is responsible for maintaining the public service line. The property owner is responsible for maintaining the private service line.


Ensuring We Are Lead-Free

CCWS is in the process of inventorying the material for public and private service lines in our distribution system including residential and non-residential customers and will publish the initial inventory in October of 2024 per the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) guidance

Here is some information about our system:
• Lead has not been detected in Cobb County’s water distribution system
• Monitoring and reporting lead data since 1992, over 1,000 samples analyzed
• No known public lead material service lines in Cobb County
• Local building standards required lead-free plumbing materials since 1975

Lead was typically used in pipes with a diameter of 2” or less and can enter drinking water when plumbing materials (pipes, faucets, and fixtures) that contain lead corrode. Lead service line are the most significant source of lead in the water.  

Identifying Service Line Materials

A variety of construction materials have been used over the years for service lines. In Cobb County, homes built prior to 1990 could have some lead plumbing components.  

CCWS is inspecting service lines throughout the county. Representative inspections will be used to classify material as non-lead or requiring replacement.  Should any lead service lines be found, CCWS will notify the property owner and provide information on how to minimize exposure.  If a public lead service line is found, CCWS will replace it.

pictures of water pipe materials including Copper pipe, Galvanized pipe, Plastic pipes, and lastly a lead pipe.

Self-Reporting Your Service Line Material

We understand that you may be concerned about your pipe material. You may be able to determine your service line material with a quick visual inspection by checking where the water line enters your home, commonly accessible in the crawlspace, basement, or garage.  Service line materials vary depending on the age of your plumbing.  In Cobb County, we have  recorded copper, galvanized steel, and plastic.

Please complete this Self-Identification Form. Select the material that the private portion of your service line is made of and upload a picture to verify the pipe material.

With your help, we are working on creating a complete water service line inventory.  We ask for your patience as we work through this process.