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Library Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading is an all ages reading and learning program that supports family bonding time, community engagement, and shared learning experiences. Learn more and get started here!

Early Learning

1000 Books B4 Kindergarten

Research confirms that exposing children to books before they begin kindergarten helps in the development of language and literacy skills. These skills will help them be more successful in the classroom and contribute to a lifetime love of learning and reading. Find out more about our 1000B4K early learning initiative here.

Early Learning Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Talk. Read. Play. Sing. Write. Learn how to support your child's early learning from birth to kindergarten and beyond. Get started here.

Library PASS

Great news! We've partnered with Cobb County Schools and Marietta City Schools to increase your child’s access to educational and enriching resources. Your child's student number now works like a library card giving them access to our online resources and our physical materials collection during the school year and over summer break.

Find more information for parents and caregivers here. To find resources for your child, click the appropriate link below.

Elementary School Resources

Middle School Resources

High School Resources

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Homeschool Resources

Do you homeschool? Find support and socialization at our homeschool programs, hangouts, and meetups.

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New Resource: The Mailbox Plus

The Mailbox Plus is your go-to classroom and activity resource providing 52,000+ fun and engaging ideas, activities, and worksheets that help inspire imaginations while teaching essential skills. All content in The Mailbox Plus is carefully planned and edited by an in-house team of former teachers and helps educators build important grade-level skills.

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We need your help! We accept volunteers on a continual basis. There are lots of different ways to volunteer at the library. Click here to see available opportunities or contact your local library to find out how we can best utilize your unique skills.  Make a real difference in your community - volunteer at the library!