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Learning & Development

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May 1, 2023

In addition to recruiting and hiring the best-suited candidates for each position in Cobb County Government, the county makes every effort to provide employees with a variety of training opportunities. Because we believe that education is a lifelong, ongoing process, our employees are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Career development activities help grow our employees' skills and keep the county on the cutting edge.

Executive Support Professionals (ESP)

The purpose of the ESP Development Program is to help administrative personnel develop vital skills for expanding the traditional secretary/administrative assistant role to become empowered team members who can more effectively and confidently manage the increasing demands of today’s workplace. Participants will sharpen essential administrative skills and increase professional value to the organization by learning to manage multiple projects and priorities, communicate more effectively, project a more confident and assertive image, creatively solve problems and much more!


EXCEL is an executive development program designed especially for Cobb County supervisory and management personnel.  Participants successfully completing each of the three levels of the program receive a Certificate of Local Government Management from The University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government. 

The objective of the EXCEL program is the development of competent and informed leaders for the county. Participants refine their management skills through a three-level program dealing with such topics as leadership styles, motivation, communication, goal-setting, conflict, organization and change, ethics and professionalism, and other vital management issues.

EXCEL’s mission does not end with the development of management techniques. Through a series of extra-curricular activities, the program strives to broaden and challenge participants’ perspective of Cobb County and to expand their vision of the role they play in the County's future. 

Supervisory Development Program (SDP)

The Supervisory Development Program (SDP) is required for all new supervisors. This 10-day program covers basic supervisory skills, relevant policies, beneficial resources, and concludes with a small group case study and presentation. Participants receive a framed certificate of completion.

Tuition Assistance

Full-time county employees with at least one year of full-time service are eligible to participate in the Tuition Assistance program. This program is designed to assist with college costs. The courses taken must be part of a college degree program. Your school must be a regionally accredited institution offering undergraduate (Associate and Bachelor's), Master's, or Juris Doctorate degrees. PH.D. and certificate programs are not eligible.  There is an annual cap of $3,600 or $1,200 per term.