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Election Day

Constitutional Amendments under Consideration

Presently, there are no Constitutional Amendments under consideration.

General Election FAQs

Will there be social distancing at the Advance Voting locations and Election Day polls?

We cannot guarantee there will be six-foot spacing between voting machines. Poll Workers will do what they can to space things out, but space is limited in some polls.

Are masks required to vote?

Masks are currently required by vaccinated/unvaccinated persons at all voting locations, including all county facilities.

What measures are you taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus at polling locations?

We are offering voters a stylus, sanitized between voters, so they do not have to touch the machines. Voters may also use their own soft-tipped stylus if they choose. There will be tissues available if voters wish to use them for holding their voter card, although the cards will also be cleaned between voters. We are also providing sanitizer and cleaning solution for wiping down surfaces. 

How can I prepare for voting in-person?

Can I vote at any polling location?

During Advance Voting, you can vote at any location. We will have wait times listed on to help you find the shortest line. On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned precinct’s polling location. We cannot count a provisional ballot cast at the wrong precinct, unless it is cast after 5:00 p.m. and you sign a sworn statement that you could not get to your correct poll before it closes. 

How do I know where my precinct’s polling location is?

Log into My Voter Page to find your polling location for Election Day voting. Polling locations may have changed.

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Where do I vote?

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List of Precincts

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Polling Place Changes

Precinct Changes since 2019

All Precinct Changes since 2012

Austell Community Center

Precinct Former Voting Location New Voting  Location
Austell 1A
Austell Community Center
2625 Joe Jerkins Blvd
Austell, GA 30106.
Collar Park Community Center
2625 Joe Jerkins Blvd
Austell, GA 30106.


Cooper Middle School

Precinct Former Voting Location New Voting Location
Cooper 01
Cooper Middle School
4605 Ewing Rd
Austell, GA 30106
Calvary Baptist Church of Austell
4780 Flint Hill Rd
Austell, GA 30106


Voting Precinct Map
Precinct and District Maps

View and download maps of voting precinct and district areas.