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Poll Worker Portal

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Welcome Poll Workers

This page includes resources for review that assist with  Election Day procedures and processes for Poll Workers of Cobb County Georgia.

Here you can view generic Training Videos provided as refreshers for Election Day.  Compensation will only be granted for completion of the Clerk or Manager videos provided by your Area Supervisor.  Contact your Area Supervisor with any of your questions.

The Printable Material is important to review to be aware of expectations of Poll Workers on Election Day.

Training Videos

Newly Hired Poll Worker

This training video is for newly hired Poll Workers working the upcoming Election.  Any Returning Poll Workers are welcome to watch, however only newly hired Poll Workers will receive payment for completing this training.

Opening the Polls

View this training video to review the Opening Polls procedures. 

Voting Equipment

This training video demonstrates how to setup the Voting Equipment. 

Emergency Ballot Kit

View this video to know what steps to take when the voting equipment is not operating correctly.

Voter Certificates

View this video to learn the procedures concerning using Voter Certificates when the Poll Pads aren't working.

Poll Pad and Electors List

Provisional Ballots

If you are responsible for issuing Provisional Ballots, please view this training video.

Closing the Polls

This training video demonstrates the procedures required to Close the Polls.

Printable Material

Respect : The Key to A Civil Workplace

Cobb County Government has developed a policy that reflects our commitment to providing employees with a work environment free from harassment, where individuals treat one another with mutual respect and in a cooperative manner. The policy defines harassment; sets out procedures to deal with complaints; and requires immediate discipline for violations.

Download the Respect Brochure to view general information about the policy and how it can apply to you if you feel you are being harassed or if someone is accusing you of harassment. You can get more information or a copy of the complete policy from your department representative.

A Poll Worker's Guide to Non Voters in the Polling Place

View this guide in order to prepare  for Poll Watchers, Candidates, Children, Journalists, State Observers, Technicians, Law Enforcement, and Exit Pollsters during Election Day.