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Water Efficiency

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Water Efficiency Program

FAQ Topics

How long will it take for the Water System to apply the credit to my account?

If you qualify for a leak credit, it may take up to 30 days for a leak credit to be processed, so it may not show on your next bill. Customers are responsible for paying the water bill while waiting for a leak credit to be processed. If the leak is catastrophic and paying the bill will cause a hardship, please contact customer service for additional assistance at 770-419-6200.

Will I receive any notification from the Water System about my credit?

Yes, you will receive a letter stating whether it was approved or denied. If your request for a leak credit is approved, your notice will be sent after the credit is applied so we can provide the amount of the credit. It may take up to 35 days to receive the notice. (See response above.)

If I have a water leak, does the County make repairs?

No, the Water System is not responsible for leaks between the meter and the house or in the house. The maintenance and repair of pipes and fixtures after the water meter are the sole responsibility of the customer. This includes any charges associated with a leak.

Can the County provide a list of plumbers?


Why do I have to pay the water bill when I have a leak?

Cobb County Water System is not responsible for any private plumbing system issues. The Water System has a Leak Credit Policy that provides a partial credit for eligible leaks once in a rolling 12-month period. The reason that we only provide partial credits is that we purchase water from the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority so there is a real cost to us for the water that goes through your meter. If we provided full credits for leaks, then we would be transferring these costs associated with your leak to our other customers. The reason that we limit leak credits to one credit in a rolling 12-month period and only credit up to two months per leak is to encourage our customers to be good stewards of water by repairing leaks quickly and maintaining their plumbing.

Can I get a credit for filling my new pool or filling my pool for the summer?

No. Consistent with regional water conservation guidelines, the Water System does not give a credit for pool filling unless it must be drained to facilitate a repair. Leak credits for pool repairs are only for wastewater charges.

How do I find leaks at my home?

For more information on detecting, repairing, and preventing leaks, visit our leak page.

Does the water efficiency staff give presentations or attend community events?

Yes. Our staff speaks to civic groups, garden clubs, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, or any organization on a variety of water supply and demand issues


How can I get materials and information to help me save water?

Cobb County Water System provides materials free of charge to help customers save water. We have outdoor and indoor kits as well as written information. The indoor kits are most effective in a home built before 1993. You can contact the Water Efficiency Office to receive these materials.

How do I know how much water I am using?

Use your water bill. Take the amount of water consumed (8,000 gallons), divide by the number of days in service, this is how much water your family uses every day. Divide by the number of people living there and that is how much water each person uses.

I reported a leak in the road over a week ago and it is still not fixed. How long does it take?