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Water Quality and Realtors

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The Cobb & Douglas Public Health Department (CDPHD) is the agency responsible for septic system regulations in Cobb County. To find out if your property is connected to the Cobb County Water System Sewer or on its own Septic System, take a look at your water bill, if you are charged sewer service fees then you are on the county sewer system. If no sewer charge occurs on your water bill, this indicates that you have an onsite sewer management system, or septic system.

Locating A Septic System On Private Property

Cobb County Water System does not maintain records of private septic tanks. For information about locating your septic tank, contact a certified contractor. The CDPHD may have information pertaining to your system. You can reach CDPHD at (770) 435-7815.

Recommended Maintenance Information

Please be aware that a permit is required prior to any work performed on a septic system, including installation, repair, or modifications. It is your responsibility to ensure that all installers, pumpers, and soil classifiers you contract meet state certification requirements.