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  • Who is required to pay Real Property Taxes and Personal Property Taxes?

    All real and personal property taxes owed to Cobb County must be paid prior to the issuance or renewal of a business license. Questions regarding real property taxes or personal property taxes should be directed to the Tax Commissioner's Office and/or Tax Assessor’s Office.

    Tax Commissioner’s Office
    736 Whitlock Ave NW, Suite100
    Marietta, GA 30064
    (770) 528-8600

    Tax Assessor’s Office
    736 Whitlock Ave NW, Suite 200
    Marietta, GA 30064
    (770) 528-3100

  • Will my property taxes increase?

    No. Property millage rate for homeowners will not be increased.

  • Can SPLOST Funds be used to reduce Property Taxes?

    Although counties cannot directly include a property tax rollback as an eligible expenditure on the referendum, counties can use SPLOST funds to pay for capital outlay projects that would otherwise be funded through property tax revenues.  Also, if excess proceeds remain after SPLOST projects have been completed and there is no county debt, the excess proceeds must go to the general fund of the county to reduce county property taxes. For more information on the Disposition of Excess Funds, please see the SPLOST Guide.

  • Will my property taxes be used to pay for this?

    Currently .33 mills of your property taxes pay for the parks bonds that were issued in 1996, 2007 and 2008. The last of those bonds will be paid off in 2017 and 2018. The millage will then be shifted to the General Fund when these bonds expire to raise an equivalent amount of revenues of $8.67 million. Those monies will then be used to pay for bonds to finance SunTrust Park construction. The average amount of .33 mills per household is $26 per year and this shift of funding will not impact other government services such as police, libraries, parks and other services.

  • Has a cost/benefit analysis been conducted for the SunTrust Park deal and, if so, what is the projected return on investment (ROI)?

    Summary Response: Estimates from a private fiscal benefits study that was performed by Brailsford & Dunlavey indicated that relocating the Braves to Cobb County will generate $212 million in earnings while the ballpark is built and $61 million in earnings for every year the ballpark is in operations. Recurring revenues from operating the ballpark that will impact the local economy consist of spending by visiting teams, fans, the Atlanta Braves, and ballpark operators. Brailsford & Dunlavey estimate this spending to result in approximately $4 million per year to the local government in tax collections. The addition of a mixed use development at an estimated investment of $400 million is projected to add an additional $6 million per year in property taxes, approximately $3 million of which would go to the Board of Education and $800,000 to the Cumberland CID. Existing property taxes that have been identified to support the County’s annual $17.9 million debt service cost on the SunTrust Park financing totals $8.67 million.

    A $10 million dollar return from ballpark operations and property taxes on an investment of $8.67 million produces a positive projected return of investment (ROI) of 15%. This calculation does not include the increased economic activity for existing businesses and the expansion of new businesses. The ROI at this most conservative calculation generates a positive return for the county.