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Juror Information

State Court Jury Service

Contact Information

(770) 528-2626 (Daily Juror Instructions)
(770) 528-2627 (Fax)
[email protected]

The State Court of Cobb County conducts jury trials on misdemeanor and civil cases where a party requests a trial by jury. All criminal jury trials in this court are tried before a six-person jury. Civil cases, wherein the amount of the claim exceeds $25,000.00, can request a twelve-person jury. All other civil cases are tried by a six-person jury.


Free parking is provided to those summoned for jury duty and special parking locations are available to handicap jurors. Please bring your portion of your juror summons for verification for jury parking.

Please park at the County Parking Deck labeled “P” as in Paul.  You will need to park on the 5th floor.  Entrance to the parking deck is located on Hansell Street: address is located at 191 Lawrence St. Marietta, GA. 30060  You will receive validation for free parking from Jury Administration.

State Court Parking Map

About Jury Service

The average jury service is for one week. Jurors will report at 8:00 a.m. on Mondays, unless otherwise instructed. Jurors will be checked in and given an orientation on the petit juror process and what will be expected of you. Jurors may be placed on call and given instructions for reporting for the rest of the week, which is normally 9:00 a.m. Jurors selected to serve on a jury trial will follow the judge’s instruction for reporting. Jurors may serve on multiple jury trials. Jurors will receive $25 per day compensation only for the days they report in person at the courthouse. Many jurors serve less than a full week.

Reporting Location

All jurors should report to the jury assembly on the fourth floor of the State Court Building "B" located at 12 East Park Square, Marietta, Georgia. 

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, jurors should check local news channels, CobbTV, or the Cobb County Government website for reporting times and possible court closings.

Security Check

Guns, knives, mace, scissors and similar type weapons are not permitted in the State Court Building. Your clearance through our security screening will be expedited by not having these items in your possession.

State Court Building Tower
State Court Daily Petit Juror Instructions

Serving jury duty for State Court? Read your instructions for the day.

Signing or Completing Form
Exemption and Postponement Requests

Find out information and forms for jury exemptions and postponement requests.

State Court Subpoenas

You may be in receipt of a mailed State of Georgia, Cobb County Court Subpoena and you may be concerned that the date shown on the Subpoena may conflict with your work and/or personal agenda.

Please do not be alarmed and please take the time to read the below information carefully.

First determine the type of Subpoena that you are in receipt of. This information can be found on the very top, center of your subpoena.

Jury Trial Subpoenas

If you are in receipt of a Cobb County, State Court "Jury Trial" Subpoenas also referred as an “on call” Subpoena.

Please be advised that you do not have to appear in court unless notified via telephone by our office that this case is officially "called in" for Trial.

Please Note:

  • The date listed on the Subpoena marks the beginning week for the cases that are called in for trial.
  • Trial weeks may last as little as one week and can last as long as four or more weeks.
  • Please complete and return the postage paid detachable portion of this Subpoena located on the bottom of the Subpoena within 5 days.
  • Please provide a good contact number to be called in for court in the event the case goes to court.

You may also contact our “Victim Notification Unit” via telephone or for automated instructions call (770) 528-8556.

For additional information please contact the assigned courtroom Prosecutor on State Court Judges page.

Non-Jury Trial Subpoenas

Please be advised if you are in receipt of a Cobb County, State Court "Non Jury" Trial Subpoenas also referred as a “must appear” Subpoena; this means you must appear on the day listed on the Subpoena; as the case is officially going to a Non Jury trial.

You may also contact our “Victim Notification Unit” via telephone or for automated instructions call (770) 528-8556.

For additional information please contact the assigned courtroom Prosecutor on the State Court Judges page.

Superior Court Jury Service

Contact Information

(770) 528-1804 (Juror Inquiry/Recording)
(770) 528-1808 (Fax)
[email protected]

Need an Interpreter?

For interpreting services, please contact the Interpreter Program at (770) 528-1861, or [email protected].


Superior Court Jury Parking Map

Parking Lot Addresses

  • Lot A: 147 Dobbs Street
  • Lot B: 122 Waddell Street
  • Lot P: 191 Lawrence Street

Free parking will be provided in the jury lots indicated on the map on the reverse side of your summons.  The Superior Court cannot reimburse for any parking fees, nor is the Superior Court liable for traffic fines incurred while parking in a 2 hour parking space. 

Show your summons to the Deputy or Bailiff when you enter the jury lot. Bring your summons with you when you enter the Superior Court building each day. Do not leave it in your car.

Jury lots are located north of the Superior Court building. Lot “P” (Parking Deck) is located on Lawrence Street, the entrance to Lot “B” is located on Waddell Street, and the entrance to Lot “A” is located on Dobbs Street.

The entrance to the Superior Court building is located at the corner of Lawrence St. and Haynes St.

Juror Text Messages

Opt-in to receive text messages:

Text: follow  cobbsupctjury to (40404)

Jurors who would like to receive abbreviated daily instructions message may opt-in to receive instructions via text. You may simply Text: follow  cobbsupctjury to (40404). Or simply follow our Twitter account @cobbsupctjury. It is advisable to opt-in to receive texts the day before your service starts, otherwise you will receive messages that do not regard your jury service. If you do not receive a text message between our operational hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, you will need to call the daily juror instructions recording (770) 528-1804.

To stop receiving messages:

Text: unfollow cobbsupctjury to (40404)

Superior Courthouse
Superior Court Daily Juror Instructions

Serving jury duty for Superior Court? Read your instructions for the day.

Receiving a Jury Summons from Superior Court

When you receive a Jury Summons for Cobb Superior Court, it is a subpoena to appear as a potential juror. You have been randomly selected by a computer to provide a good cross section of the community. It is a United States Citizen’s highest privilege, and patriotic duty. It also gives you an opportunity to see how the courts in your community function under the law. Georgia law requires that it is mandatory that you serve as a juror, unless you have a legal exemption under the Georgia State Law. A person’s occupation, business, or economic status is not a legal exemption.

When you receive your jury summons, please read it carefully for instructions and information. Keep the top portion, and return the bottom portion that is labeled “Juror Information Form.” This is important, as attorneys in the courtroom will question you as a potential juror in order to assist in selecting the jury to try the case. Use of these questionnaires can expedite the jury process.

Petit Jury

Your jury service can last an average of one week. You will be asked to call the voice mail or check the Internet each evening after 6:00 p.m. to see if you will need to report for jury duty the next day or not. A juror is paid $25.00 per day, for the days they are physically here. The days you are not required to appear for jury duty, you can resume your normal daily activities.

Grand Jury

The Grand Jury consists of twenty-three (23) members and two (2) alternates. Grand Jurors serve for a two month term. The Grand Jury generally meets one to two days per week. Persons ineligible for service on a Grand Jury are elected officials in state or local government or those who have held office within two years preceding service as a Grand Juror.