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Services and Resources

Information and Referral

Information and Referral identifies services and how you may qualify for them. Provides referrals to other agencies in the area for services. Call (770) 528-5364 for details.

Assistive Technology

Senior Services has an assistive technology lab to show individuals in need the items available that will help in their daily life with activities such as eating, bathing, mobility, vision, hearing, and communication.  CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR TOURS. 


Caregiving needs change daily. People become dependent on others. Other people suddenly find themselves in a caregiving role. People who are already providing care have new demands that affect their ability to help. Service providers may alter their programs. Thus there is always a need for information about available community services, both for caregivers and for those who need care.

Need more information?

Do you have any questions about your role as a caregiver and what services are available to you? Please call (770) 528-5364 and our Information and Referral Specialist will be happy to speak with you.

Flex Spending Account for Adult Day Care

If your employer offers Flexible Spending Accounts for Dependent Care which covers child daycare, it might also cover adult day care. The IRS provides the benefit if it allows the employee to work. This is a pre-tax benefit. If the employee is financially responsible for the adult child or parent this would be a covered expense. Contact the HR department at your company or organization to learn details about this benefit.

In Home Respite

The in-home respite program provides the family caregiver with intermittent and temporary substitute care or supervision to seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/ related Dementia or chronic health conditions. Call (770) 528-5364 for more information.

In-Home Services*

* In-Home Services is not a substitute for a Skilled Nursing Service.  For more information call (770) 528-5364

Personal Care Assistance

Personal care assistance is provided by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to help with needs such as bathing, dressing, shaving, and grooming. The exact number of hours that are provided is based on our Care Management assessment.

Homemaker Services

Homemaker Services are provided to assist with those tasks that may be too physically difficult or risky to do anymore. Homemaker Services are typically provided by a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and may include the following light housekeeping duties: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, laundry, bagging and taking out trash, making the bed and/or changing the linens and assisting with organizing household routines. The exact number of hours provided is based on our Care Management assessment.

Care Management

Care Managers are available to meet with individuals and families to evaluate, educate, and determine needs for services, explore potential resources, and help seek other funding options. The goal is to develop a plan to support the client and/or caregiver for the seniors 60+ to live at home independently and safely and to prevent the caregiver from becoming overwhelmed. For more information call (770) 528-5364.

Meals on Wheels

Nutrient Target

Through the Meals on Wheels program, Cobb County provides a nutritionally balanced meal to qualifying home-bound older adults within the county. Five-pack meals are delivered weekly by our dedicated and trained volunteers to the client’s door. Menus are planned and prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian and are designed to provide one-third of an adult’s daily nutritional requirements. Clients who have difficulty adequately feeding their cat or dog may receive supplemental pet food at no charge.

In order to be eligible for Meals on Wheels a person must reside in Cobb County, be at least 60 years of age and have a physical or mental disability that prevents him or her from preparing meals on a daily basis. All clients are assessed through our Care Management team and cost is determined by household income on a sliding scale. No client is denied services due to inability to pay.

  • For more information on receiving meals, contact (770) 528-5364
  • For more information on volunteering, contact (770) 528-1447


Travel Videos: How to Use CobbLinc & Paratransit

CSS offers two (2) transportation options for Cobb residents age 60 & older: 

Transportation Voucher Program

Cobb County Transportation Voucher Program is a voucher program for those who qualify for CobbLinc Paratransit services but live outside of the CobbLinc Paratransit service area.

Complete the Paratransit Application

CSS Transportation Services

For those who are not eligible for CobbLinc Paratransit, CSS provides transportation services through:

  • Fixed Routes that take seniors to the grant supported Neighborhood Centers
  • Demand Response that takes seniors by pre-scheduled appointments to destinations such as medical facilities, social services agencies, pharmacies and grocery stores.

*Transportation service not available to and from assisted living facilities

**NOTE: In order to use any CSS transportation, you MUST apply for CobbLinc Paratransit.  Call (770) 429-7855 if you have any questions about the application process.

Eligibility for CSS transportation:

  • Must be a Cobb County resident
  • Age 60+
  • Lack the necessary support to get from one destination to another
  • Must first apply for CobbLinc Paratransit service

Find out more about the Cobb County Transportation Voucher Program.  This program is available to disabled adults age 18+

Transportation Providers

Mobility Voucher Program

CobbLinc, in partnership with Cobb DOT, implemented a transportation program targeted for county residents between the ages of 18 and 59 who qualify for paratransit services but live outside of the service area.

Find out more about the Mobility Voucher Program


Must be a Cobb County resident aged 18-59 and have a disability.


Do you offer transportation to the senior centers?

Transportation services are provided to seniors who have been determined eligible by an assessment as needing the service.

Do you provide transportation outside of Cobb County?

No, but CobbLinc does have routes that travel to MARTA and GRTA stops. Visit their Routes and Schedules page for more information.



Please note that this is an offering of resources only. Cobb Senior Services does not provide housing.

Elder Abuse

Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force Anonymous Tip Line:

(770) 794-6990