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Senior Centers

Seniors Exercising

Our network of seven centers welcomes individuals to a community overflowing with opportunities for active living. Engage in enriching activities designed to keep you moving, learning, and connected. From invigorating fitness classes and creative art classes to lively social groups and informative seminars, there's something to suit every interest. Embark on exciting day trips to explore new destinations with fellow adventurers. Three of our centers event offer nutrition services as well as transportation to and from the center. Join us and discover a world of possibilities!

Please note: Eligibility requirements and services may vary by location. While our centers offer many great programs, they are not daycare facilities and individuals must be able to function independently physically and cognitively.


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How to Register Online

Learn how to register for our center programs conveniently from your own home using Civic Rec!

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Code of Conduct

Review our Code of Conduct here.