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Special Operations

The division is broken down into several units dedicated to the enforcement of specific violations, and to enhance field operations.

Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP)

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Unit is responsible for investigating all fatal traffic crashes, enforcement of traffic laws in those areas which analysis indicates an elevated amount of crashes. They are also responsible for the administration and execution of the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program. They also take part in special security details, and investigate crashes involving Department vehicles when requested.

Motorcycle (Motor) Unit

The Motorcycle Unit is responsible for investigating traffic complaint areas. They also take part in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program enforcement. The unit also handles extended traffic direction detail, and police escorts.

Hit & Run Unit

Personnel in the Hit & Run Unit report directly to the supervisor of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Unit. They are responsible for the investigation of traffic crashes in which an involved party fails to report the crash or leaves the scene of the crash.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Task Force

The Cobb County DUI Task Force is recognized as one of the best DUI apprehension units in the state of Georgia. They enforce all traffic laws and are primarily tasked with the apprehension of impaired drivers, thereby making Cobb County's roadways safer for all citizens. They accomplish this goal primarily with aggressive enforcement of state laws governing Driving Under the Influence in unincorporated Cobb County.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit's mission is to support the precincts, special operations and investigative units of the Cobb County Police Department. The unit currently has nine K-9 teams consisting of three breeds; Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and a Dutch Shepherd. Six of these K-9 teams are capable of narcotics detection, evidence recovery and tracking. There are three teams dedicated to explosive detection. The narcotics/patrol teams are certified nationally through the North American Police Work Dog Association and the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association. The explosive K-9 teams are certified through and members of the Georgia Emergency Management Explosive Detection Dog Program. In addition to patrol and investigative functions the unit conducts numerous demonstrations for the public throughout the year.