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Special Investigations and Response Division

The Special Investigations and Response Division is commanded by Major James Fincher.

Special Investigations and Response Division is broken down into several units dedicated to the investigation of specific crimes. 

Those crimes are as follows:

  • Deaths: Homicides, Suicides, Natural and Accidental (except for traffic fatalities)
  • Assault/Battery: including those against children shot or stabbed.
  • Sex offenses involving victims over the age of 17 years.
  • Kidnapping (except parental "snatching")
  • Missing Persons
  • Extortion
  • Harassing, obscene, or threatening telephone calls
  • Product Tampering
  • Terroristic Threats
  • Robbery

Crimes Against Children

The Crimes Against Children Unit (CAC) is a unit of dedicated detectives that provide superior investigative support to law enforcement in dealing with Crimes Against Children.

CAC is responsible for the investigation of the following incidents:

  • Investigation of child abuse and neglect of persons under the age of 18.
  • Sexual offenses where either the perpetrator or victim is a juvenile.
  • Domestic Snatchings (parental kidnapping)
  • Juvenile Missing Persons (if foul play is evident, Homicide Unit will investigate).
  • All aggravated assaults and/or aggravated battery involving persons under 17.
  • Robbery involving intimidation between juveniles.
  • Internet Crimes Against Children including peer to peer investigations, and Internet Child Exploitation.
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children to include juvenile prostitution.

Domestic Violence/Stalking Unit

The Domestic Violence/Stalking Unit (DVSU) is a part of the Special Victims Unit which includes Crimes Against Children. DVSU detectives provide investigative support to law enforcement in dealing with domestic violence, stalking, and elder abuse. DVSU also refers victims to victim advocates to better assist with applications for Temporary Protection Orders and other services. DVSU works closely with the Cobb District Attorney's Office as well as the Cobb YWCA.

DVSU is responsible for the investigation of:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Domestic Related Sexual Offenses
  • Stalking
  • Elder Abuse

Technology Based Crime Unit

The Technology Based Crime Unit is located in the Cobb County Police Headquarters Building in Marietta and is supervised by a Lieutenant who reports directly to the Crimes Against Persons Division Commander.

The unit is responsible for the following:

  • Investigating Computer Trespass
  • Investigating Computer Invasion of Privacy
  • Investigating Computer Theft (defrauding others of money via the internet)
  • Performing Computer and Digital Media Forensics
  • Performing cellular and Smart Phone Forensics
  • Performing Analog and Digital Video Forensics

The goal of the Cobb County Police Technology Based Crime Unit is to investigate criminal activity which was perpetrated through the use of computers or advanced information technology and provide digital forensic support to all of the investigative units within the department. The Technology Based Crime Unit occasionally provides digital forensics support to outside agencies upon request.

Crime Analysis Unit

The crime analysis unit develops and utilizes a multitude of information sources to assist investigators and other members of the department with the identification of evidence used to link cases and identify suspects.

Crime Scene Unit

The crime scene unit is responsible for documenting and processing crime scenes to locate evidence, identify suspects, and to present evidence in criminal proceedings. Crime scene technicians are responsible for processing evidence utilizing a variety of procedures for fingerprint, DNA, and trace evidence.

Crimes Against Persons Unit

This Unit is comprised of a group of highly trained and highly skilled detectives who investigate some of the worst crimes against society.

Violent Crime Bureau (VCB)

Violent Crime Bureau

The Violent Crime Bureau (VCB) was formed in 2021 as a task force-style organization designed to address violent crime with its multi-discipline composition. VCB uses real-time intelligence, plainclothes operations, surveillance activities, and tactical capabilities to protect communities most impacted by violent crime. VCB partners with Major Crimes detectives to further their investigations by locating suspects/evidence and executing arrest warrants.


VCB primarily comprises two units, VIPER and TAC; however, its capabilities are enhanced by including an HSI task force officer, a CAGE agent, and three supporting Crimes Against Persons detectives.

VCB’s specialized composition, training, and resources allow the unit to function as an independent entity in a great variety of situations, such as high-risk search warrants, high-risk arrest operations, covert surveillance operations, and critical incident response.


Violent Incident Prevention and Early Response unit (VIPER)

The Violent Incident Prevention and Early Response (VIPER) Unit's primary function is reducing violent crime through real-time intelligence, plainclothes operations, and surveillance operations while utilizing tactics, techniques, and proven procedures in their operations to minimize the risk to the public and officers. VIPER also focuses on community engagement to improve the overall quality of life for citizens who live, conduct business, or visit Cobb County. VIPER works in concert with uniform patrol, detective bureaus, and the Real Time Crime Center to address areas with the highest crime instances as determined by close tracking of crime data.

Tactical (TAC) Team

The Tactical Unit (TAC) comprises personnel from the Cobb County Police SWAT Team and are often referred to as the “Full-Time” portion of the SWAT Team. TAC is the primary entry team for all SWAT team activations and is often called in to conduct warrant services that don’t require the full SWAT team. TAC is responsible for locating and securing training locations for the SWAT Team’s monthly training operations and organizing that monthly training subject matter. All the SWAT team’s vehicles and equipment are kept inventoried and maintained by TAC, along with testing and evaluating new equipment to keep the SWAT team progressing with current technology. TAC also assists in training the police department in active shooter protocols and other officer survival-specific tactics. 


The Cobb County Police Department SWAT Team was formed in 1977. The SWAT Team is made up of Highly Trained and well equipped professionals that respond to a variety of calls for service. The team is made up of officers who are assigned to different units throughout the department.

Personnel assigned to the SWAT Team respond to incidents involving a violent confrontation or the possibility of a violent confrontation occurring. These could include but are not limited to: Dangerous Felons, Barricaded Suspects, Hostage Situations, Escaped Prisoner, etc. The SWAT Team will also respond when requested by another Law Enforcement Agency which has been approved by the Chief of Police or his designee.