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Chaplain Program

The employees of the Cobb County Police Department, 911 Communications, and DPS may, at times, find themselves in need of personal and family counseling and support of a spiritual nature. No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than those who work in the law enforcement environment.

An organized program designed to respond to the needs of employees in these areas will serve to enhance employee well being, both on and off the job. The Police Chaplain Program will serve to address these specific needs providing assistance to the employee and the organization.


The purpose of the Police Chaplain Program is to make available a qualified individuals who are trained and experienced in the methods of response, intervention and support for employees in the law enforcement community who require spiritual and religious support. The employee’s own clergy or religious advisor, although trained in the ministry, is not necessarily abreast of the particular problems of a law enforcement employee. The program will make available a chaplain from the various faiths on a twenty-four hour basis.

Program Structure

The CCPD Chaplain Program consists of three separate divisions. Each is an integral part and communication between each section is essential to the success of the program. A “checks and balances” system is in place to protect the integrity of the program. The Program will be comprised of a Chaplain Coordinator, a minimum of one Chaplain for each precinct area (ideally, two will be assigned per area), and Department Associate Chaplains (department employees) as necessary to adequately represent religious affiliations within the department and act as liaisons for the Program.

Mission Statement

The Cobb County Police Department Chaplain will affirm that God is the answer to man’s dilemma by bearing witness to His love and power to the personnel of the police department, 911 Communications, the Department of Public Safety staff, both sworn and civilian, their families, and those they serve.

The Chaplain will offer this care to all regardless of race, creed, sex, or religion. It is a ministry of service.

The Chaplain will be led by his or her own faith and be ready to serve and be a source of strength to those in need.


The Cobb Police Department Chaplain Emblem was chosen to represent the values of the program. Because the program is a non-denominational, non-sectarian program, an emblem representing our values, but not a specific religion was designed. The emblem is registered and is used on all correspondence and chaplain program materials.

A compass within a shield was selected as the primary base of the emblem. The shield is a universal symbol of law enforcement. The compass is a tool used for finding one’s way. Between the points of the compass are the foundational principles of the chaplaincy.



The chaplain provides a ministry of presence and is present during times of pain and rejoicing.


The chaplain is a servant. The position is not one of glory or prestige, but one of care and concern for the needs of those served.


The chaplain provides strength when one feels weak and needs encouragement.


The chaplain provides the direction offered by God when others cannot find their way.

Benevolence Program

In 2001 the Chaplain Program incorporated as a non-profit organization in order to collect funds for the benevolence of the personnel of the department. The program has provided financial assistance to several in times of need and continues to raise funds for this purpose. Additionally, the fund supports the Headquarters Memorial, dedicated to the officers killed in the line of duty, and the Sawatski Scholarship.

The Chaplain Program sells items to raise funds as well as sponsoring fund raising events.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Retiree Reunion

The Chaplain Program sponsors an annual retiree reunion and luncheon the third Thursday of October. All retirees are invited – contact the Chaplain Program for event location and directions.

How to Become a Chaplain

If you would like to become part of the Chaplain Program, contact