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About Library PASS

Cobb County Public Library and Cobb County Public Schools, Marietta City Schools, and Georgia Cyber Academy have partnered to provide Cobb students public library access with their student number. Library PASS provides students with convenient access to valuable resources, promotes lifelong learning, and strengthens the connection between schools and libraries.

Why is this important? Library PASS is a convenient way for all of Cobb's students to get access to their public libraries and the libraries' resources. Library PASS removes barriers by eliminating the need for parents or caregivers to be present to sign up for a library card.

Library PASS is one of the innovative ways we strive to provide equal access to resources and information, improve student engagement, support academic success, encourage lifelong learning, and promote digital literacy. Because when our students succeed, we all succeed.


Are all students issued a Library PASS?

Library PASS is an opt-out program meaning all students have a Library PASS unless their parent or caregiver completes an opt-out form. These forms go home with students at the beginning of each school year.

What is my student's Library PASS number?

Cobb County Schools and Marietta City Schools students use their student number as their Library PASS number.

Georgia Cyber Academy students use their student number preceded by GCA, for example: GCA123456.

What is my student's Library PASS PIN?

Your student's Library PASS PIN is their 4 digit birthday using the month and day they were born. For example, if they were born on February 29, their PIN would be 0229.

Will my student be charged late fines?

No! Library PASS accounts do not accrue late or overdue fines. However, lost items will be billed to the account.

What can my student check out with their Library PASS?

Students may check out up to five (5) print materials and up to one (1) audiobook at a time. Library PASS accounts cannot check out videos.

Additionally, students using Library PASS have access to our entire digital resource collection including eBooks; eAudiobooks; digital newspapers, magazines, and comics; and databases.

Can my student use the internet with their Library PASS?

Yes, students have filtered internet access in our libraries using their Library PASS unless their parent or caregiver has opted them out.