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File a Complaint

Magnifying Glass and Fountain Pen
File a Complaint with the Police Department

It is our goal to investigate all complaints regarding Cobb County Police procedures or the performance of our officers while ensuring the confidentiality of both the complainant and the subject of the complaint.

Speeding Car at Night
File a Traffic Complaint with the Police Department

Report traffic violations or other traffic complaints.

Dog Barking
Report a Nuisance Animal

Online complaints are monitored daily. Response time varies based on complaint priority. If this is an emergency requiring Police and Emergency Medical Support, please call 911.

TV Remote Close Up
Submit a Cable Complaint

Complete a service request using our GIS mapping service. You can also see other complaints in your area.

Messy Apartment
File a Tenant Complaint

Tenant complaints in unincorporated Cobb County may be filed with the Housing Complaints & Nuisance Abatement Division.

Massive mess in yard
File a Complaint Regarding Nuisance Properties

To open up a Nuisance case, the complaintant must send in a complaint letter including:

  • Nuisance Location
  • A Brief Discription of the Complaint
  • 5 Signatures of Unincorporated Cobb County citizens
Blueprints on a Computer
Submit a Code Enforcement Complaint

Registration is not required for Code Enforcement Complaints. Select "Code Enforcement" on the top menu and read the disclaimer. Continue to search for an address and submit your inquiry. Anonymous inquiries may be submitted by calling (770) 528-2180 or emailing [email protected]