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Nuisance Animals

Report a Nuisance Animal

Cobb County Animal Control averages 32,000 phone calls from the public and return calls to the public each month. Every call for assistance is important to us and our goal is to provide the best customer service possible.

To have an officer dispatched please call 770-499-3911

Response time varies based on complaint priority. If this is an emergency requiring Police and Emergency Medical Support, please call 911.

What constitutes a nuisance animal?

The Cobb County Ordinance addressing barking dogs is in the Nuisance section of Cobb County Ordinance Section 10-9:

Nuisance animal means any animal that:

  • (1) Damages, soils, defiles, eliminates or defecates on private property other than its owner's property or on public property;
  • (2) Causes unsanitary or offensive conditions or otherwise endangers public health, welfare or safety;
  • (3) Causes a disturbance by barking, howling or other noisemaking for a period of more than 15 minutes;
  • (4) Chases vehicles, bicycles, or people;
  • (5) Is in estrus and not confined in a manner which can keep it away from intact males of the same species; or
  • (6) Causes serious annoyance to a neighboring residence and interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment of that property.

How do I file a complaint about barking dogs?

To file a complaint about a barking dog or a nuisance animal, call (770) 499-4136 during the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and request that an Animal Services Officer be dispatched to handle the complaint.

During the hours of 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. and weekends contact the Cobb County Police non-emergency number (770) 499-3911 and the local law enforcement agency will assist with the complaint.

What do I do if a strange dog or cat bites or scratches me?

All bites or scratches where the skin is punctured and bleeding are a possible rabies exposure. The first concern is your injury. If the injury is severe, call 911 immediately for medical attention. The 911 operator will dispatch and Animal Services officer to your location. If the injury is not severe, wash the area with soap and water for ten minutes. Contact you doctor for any further advice on treatment. Your doctor may recommend a Tetanus shot and you may need antibiotics to control the risk of infection.

To report an animal bite, call Animal Services at (770) 499-4136.

What do I do if my dog or cat bites or scratches someone?

First, determine if there is an injury that has broken the skin. If so, you will be required to make a decision about the future of your pet. Confinement is a must under the Cobb County Animal Services Ordinance. This quarantine/confinement is necessary for 10 days. You can choose to quarantine the animal at your vet or the Cobb County Animal Services Shelter. If you do not choose to keep the animal because of the bite, you can request that the animal be put to sleep and tested for rabies. Neither of these options are pleasant, but because of the potential for a rabies exposure and/or liability on your part you must make the decision that is best for your situation. Animal Services does not normally adopt out animals that have bitten or scratched, but every situation is considered individually.

If the bite or scratch location did not bleed we consider it an attack that may result in a citation but the 10-day quarantine is not required.

What happens after I file a bite report?

An Animal Services Officer will contact the owner of the animal and inform them of the incident. The owner will be advised of the quarantine requirement for the biting animal. The owner can choose to quarantine their animal at Cobb County’s Animal Services kennel for the 10 day quarantine period or at a veterinarian’s office. The owner might have the option of a strict confinement at home if the animal is current on rabies vaccinations. The owner must comply with the quarantine. If the animal is quarantined at a vet clinic, Animal Services must be notified of the vet clinic’s location and Animal Services will contact them to insure the 10-day quarantine is followed.

If the owner requests their animal be housed at Cobb County Animal Services’ kennel, it will be placed in the shelter in the isolation area for the 10-day quarantine period. During that time employees of Animal Services will care for the animal. The owner can visit their animal, but must contact the Animal Services office to arrange a date and time. The owner can also request that the animal be euthanized. If the animal is euthanized, its remains will be sent to State Lab for rabies testing. After the confinement period is over or Animal Services has been notified of the rabies test results, the victim and the owner will be notified of the lab results. If the animal cannot be immediately located, humane traps will be placed in the area of the incident.

If an animal attack occurs, however there is no related injury, a citation may be issued to the animal’s owner. The 10-day quarantine is not required.