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Permanent Process Servers for Probate Court

If you are interested in being on the approved Permanent Process Server list in the Cobb County Probate Court, you must submit all of the requested documentation listed in the Requirements section below.   This process must be completed each year you would like to be on the list. For more information, please contact our Court Administrator at

Requirements for becoming a Permanent Process Server

In order to be added to Probate Court's process server list you must provide the following documentation:

  • Motion requesting to be appointed with any information you believe would assist the Court in your request
  • A sworn Affidavit that contains ALL of the following statements:
    • your Georgia Certified Process Server Number (if any),
    • that you are over the age of 18,
    • whether you are a citizen of the United States,
    • that you are not a convicted felon,
    • that you are currently a member in good standing of the Cobb County Superior Court permanent process server list,
    • that you are competent to testify, 
    • that you will comply with all applicable Georgia laws.
  • Attach, as an exhibit, a copy of your current appointment to the Cobb County Superior Court Permanent Process Server list

Submitting Your Application

Once you have completed your motion and affidavit, you must bring these documents along with a copy of your Superior Court Appointment, to the Estates Division and file the originals with our court.  There is no filing fee associated with this service. 

After your documents have been reviewed by a judge, you will receive an Order either granting or denying your Motion.  If approved, you will be placed on the list below for the length of time declared in your order.   

2023 Process Server List

Name (Last, First) Phone Email  Company Name (if applicable) Approved Through 
Walker, Reginald O. (770) 990-5389 Dominion Servers January 15, 2024
Giles Jr., Herbert Frederick  (404) 623-5481 H & L Legal Services, LLC January 15, 2024
Nolen, Milton (470) 423-9886 Fresh Vision Legal Service, LLC January 15, 2024
Folds, Catherina Pilar (678) 283-3887   January 15, 2024
Folds, George L.  (678) 283-3885   January 15, 2024
Barron, Shane Willis (770) 993-2900 Capital Investigations  January 15, 2024
Singleton, Wesley Gene (770) 993-2900 Capital Investigations  January 15, 2024
Bailey, Anna (404) 732-2884    January 15, 2024
Thompson, Vanessa  (404) 901-0700 iSpy4U Legal Services, LLC January 15, 2024