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Intern or Volunteer

General Information

The District Attorney's Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

All applicants must pass a criminal background check prior to being accepted into any of these programs.

Application deadlines vary per program.

Additionally, any university/institution deadlines specifically required for academic success must be observed by the student.

The District Attorney's Office has three volunteer/intern programs. These are non-paid positions.

Criminal Investigations Unit

Criminal Investigators in the DA’s Office assist prosecutors in preparing felony cases for trial by collecting various pieces of evidence, conducting follow-up interviews of witnesses, and serving subpoenas.

Interns and volunteers in this program are exposed to all aspects of prosecution and case preparation, from warrant to trial. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to reviewing cases, assisting/observing Criminal Investigators, attending court, and working on special projects.

All internships are unpaid. Internships generally follow school semesters: spring, summer and fall.

Applicants must submit these materials:

  1. Completed application;
  2. Authorization for Release of Information with applicant’s signature witnessed by a notary public and a photocopy of driver’s license;
  3. School transcript (It does not need to be certified); and
  4. One letter of recommendation.

Interns of the Criminal Investigations Unit must be of Junior or Senior standing in their undergraduate work or in graduate school (Minimal GPA 2.75). Students majoring in pre-law, criminal justice or social services and with internship requirement for school credit will receive priority consideration. Students interning for college credit are expected to intern throughout the semester and it is the student’s responsibility to make sure enough hours are worked to earn the college credit. Prospective interns who successfully complete the application process and pass the background check will be invited for a formal interview. Interns accepted into the program must attend orientation. Due to COVID-19, our investigations internship program has been scaled back.

Application packets may be submitted via email to Inv. Barbara Perez at or by postal mail to Inv. Barbara Perez, Cobb DA's Office, 70 Haynes St., Marietta, Ga. 30090.

Application, Investigations Unit

Law Interns – Trial Division

Criminal Prosecution Externship/Internship (Student Prosecutors)

The Trial Division of the District Attorney’s Office handles all pretrial and trial matters of indicted and accused felony cases.

This includes arraignments, motion hearings, and trials. Additionally, this division handles the accusation/indictment phase of most cases. The Trial Division Assistant District Attorneys are some of the most notable prosecutors in the State and, in some cases, the nation. Student Prosecutors are assigned to work with a trial team of two Assistant District Attorneys, an investigator, a victim advocate, and a legal assistant. Student Prosecutors will also work closely with victims, civilian witnesses, police officers, courtroom staff, and other Student Prosecutors. The Trial program will prepare you for courtroom work. Whether arguing motions or conducting trials, confidence and experience are essential qualities acquired over time. As a Student Prosecutor, you will be allowed to handle all aspects of the job that the trial attorneys perform daily. The only limits on your experience will be your work ethic and effort.

To participate in a trial internship, you must have completed your second year of law school and meet the requirements for the third year practice under Georgia law.

For more information, contact:

Assistant District Attorney Tony Norton

Law Interns - Appellate

The Appellate Division is primarily responsible for all appeals and other post-trial matters in cases prosecuted by our office. Appellate interns work closely with the attorneys in the division, preparing appellate briefs and handling other matters that come into our division. Interns of the Appellate Division must be currently enrolled in law school.

To apply for our internship, submit a resume and writing sample.

For more information, contact:

Sr. Assistant District Attorney Linda J. Dunikoski

Victim Witness Interns / Volunteers

The Victim Witness Assistance Unit of the District Attorney’s Office is mandated by law under the Georgia Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights to provide direct support and notification services to victims and witnesses of felony criminal acts that occur in Cobb County.

Our work allows victims of crime to have a voice in, participate in, and be notified of the occurrences of the criminal case. Responsibilities of an intern/volunteer will include but are not limited to contacting victims and witnesses regarding court dates and case status; help in determining restitution and completing victim compensation forms; attending court with victims and witnesses; assisting victim advocates in trial preparation; and contacting victims, witnesses, and law enforcement officers to advise of court matters and to assist with scheduling court appearances.

Internships with the Victim Witness Unit are highly competitive.  A criminal background check and interview must occur before any intern is accepted so you are highly encourage to begin the application process early to meet school deadlines.

For more information, contact:

Ellyn Mills, Supervisor and Lead Intern Coordinator

770-528-2094 /