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Updated ICC Building Valuation Tables to be adopted by Cobb County effective July 1, 2021

Notice: July 1 Building Permit Price Increase
June 8, 2021

Re: Updates of fees and ICC Building Valuation Tables

For the first time in over a decade, the Cobb County Community Development Agency will implement current Building Valuation Tables as adopted by the International Codes Council (ICC).  This is the first local adoption of these tables since 2008.  ICC has developed this data to aid jurisdictions in determining permit fees which are critical to adequately fund code compliance.  The ICC updates occur at least twice per year to allow for changes in the construction industry and respective costs. 

This data may be found at:

The Valuation Tables are calculated by the Type of Construction and the Occupancy then multiplied by size of project area and square footage of building.  This total provides an estimated, consistent cost for the construction in order to set permits fees for that project; the fees cover administrative costs for the regulatory oversight including plan review and inspections.

It is the intent of this agency to annually enforce the updated ICC tables going forward which will occur in January of each new year.  Cobb County continues to offer the most efficient services at the lowest expense to our private partners and strives to maintain excellent customer experience with the best expectations.

The Community Development Agency will provide regular notice to any updates regarding any changes to fees and/or services, and, as always, please contact us if there are any questions.


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