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2023 Comp Plan Amendments NOW AVAILABLE

Notebook Binders
January 18, 2023

In 2022, Cobb County adopted a five-year update to the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, which meets the minimum standards and procedures for local comprehensive planning. During the plan development process, residents and staff maintained the following vision statement for Cobb County:
Our Government will provide all statutory public services in an atmosphere that unleashes the human spirit and creativity, is marked by openness and transparency, and makes us the choice destination for people to safely work, live, recreate and pursue their dreams.

In order to allow for timely, small-scale changes to the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Plan, an annual plan amendment process has been established.

The annual plan amendment process begins in October and ends in January of the following year, with the final public hearing. During this time, staff members study proposed changes to the text and land use map that have arisen throughout the year. The changes may be the result of direction from the Board of Commissioners due to a rezoning action, approval of a study or master plan, and/or suggestions from the Planning Commission, residents, business community, or staff. 

View the Final 2023 Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

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Phillip Westbrook
Senior Planner, Community Development Agency