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Department of Emergency Communications Officer Job Training

The Cobb County Department of Emergency Communications Training Division's curriculum consists of a three-phase program designed to meet the training needs of new employees and provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in their careers.

  • Phase I consists of academic training and familiarization with Public Safety Departments. During this time, the recruit will obtain the required certifications and hands-on, practical call-processing and radio operations experience. The projected time frame for completing this training phase is 4 weeks of academic training. 
  • Phase II focused on on-the-job training, one-on-one with an experienced and trained Communications Training Officer (CTO) who will further develop call-processing and dispatch skills for recruit success. On-the-job training may be completed in two parts, with the first focusing on call processing and the second focusing on dispatching. The recruit will likely be assigned to a shift between the parts and work independently as a call taker until a CTO becomes available for dispatch training. The projected time frame for completing call processing training is 4 weeks, and a minimum of 56 days for police and fire dispatch training. 
  • Phase III is a work phase in which the Emergency Communications Officer will function independently of a CTO and be supervised by an Operations Supervisor for some time before full release. The projected time frame for this training phase is at least 7 days.

The Training Division also offers a mentor program for newly released trainees to assist them in transitioning from trainee to Emergency Communications Officer.

The probationary period for an Emergency Communications Officer I is 18 months. Once you have completed all training phases, you will be assigned to a shift and move from Emergency Communications Officer I to Emergency Communications Officer II with a pay increase.