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E911 Officer Application Process

General Application Information

Testing for the position of Emergency Communications Officer I generally takes place several times per year. Once the position posts online, it will remain open until all testing spaces are filled. If testing has closed, please check back periodically.

Once the application is completed a link at the bottom of the page will direct you to a data entry test. This test consists of 4500 keystrokes (35-53 words per minute) and must be completed with 90% accuracy.

After testing for the position has closed, the Cobb County Department of Human Resources will forward the applications of those who successfully passed the Data Entry Test to the E911 Background & Recruiting Unit which will screen them to determine initial eligibility. Applicants who meet initial eligibility requirements will be notified of the date and time of the next testing phase.

The next phase of testing is designed to evaluate the applicant in the areas of listening and comprehension, judgment and decision making, prioritization, customer service and teamwork. Using computerized scenarios, the applicant's existing skill sets will be evaluated. No specialized training or knowledge is necessary to pass this test.

Applicants who score sufficiently on this test will receive an email with a comprehensive background investigation booklet and the deadline for completion.

After successful completion of the background investigation, the applicant will be scheduled for a 4 hour observation period in the E911 center to provide them with firsthand knowledge of the demands and rewards of working as an Emergency Communications Officer.

The applicant will then be scheduled for an interview with the Background Investigator. Following successful completion of this interview, the applicant will be offered a Conditional Offer of Employment and scheduled for additional examinations including a Psychological and Medical.

Upon successful completion of the examinations, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview with the Director of the E911 Communications Center.

Minimum Qualifications/Disqualifiers

To be considered for employment as an Emergency Communications Officer with the Cobb County E911 Department you must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, and be a U.S. citizen.

The following criminal convictions will be considered automatic disqualifiers:

  • Any felony offense
  • Any misdemeanor of an aggravated nature or related to public order or decency
  • Any offense related to Domestic Violence
  • Egregious misdemeanor offenses
  • A less than honorable discharge from any military organization