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Precinct 2 Crime Trends

Safety and Security

Theft from vehicles and residences continue to be an issue in our area, though those numbers are currently diminishing. I continue to stress that you are your own best deterrent to avoid being a victim of a crime. Do not present the opportunity to become an Entering Auto or Burglary victim. Currently, several gangs are operating in our area and are utilizing these crimes to finance their activities. The “Bloods” and several spin-offs continue to be a presence. FastLife and DFW (Down for Whatever) have been the focus in the majority of entering autos and vehicle thefts for some time.

As mentioned before, here are a few tips to create a safer environment during your daily activities:

  • When leaving your vehicle for any length of time, particularly at stores and shopping centers, do not leave any valuables in sight. Also, before you walk away, look around and see if you see anyone that appears to be watching you or other patrons come and go. As always, you may call 911 and report your suspicions and have them investigated.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running while you run into a business to make a purchase. Even when you are putting gas in your vehicle, secure the vehicle and do not leave it running. It has become common for criminals to slip into vehicles while the driver is distracted and remove property, and in some occasions, drive off with the vehicle.
  • At your residence, even while parked in your garage, your vehicle can be entered and taken. Do not leave your keys or key fob in your vehicle. If you see or hear someone, do not confront them as they may be armed. Contact the police and provide adequate information for responding officers so they may have a better chance of apprehending the individuals.

These are a few ways to protect your property and you from becoming victims. As always, be aware of your surroundings.