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Precinct 1 Crime Trends

Preventing Lawn Equipment Thefts

It appears that winter has run its course and spring is upon us. With the return of pleasant weather more people will be out working in their yards and gardens. Here are some tips on keeping thieves from stealing your equipment.

  • Store your lawn equipment in a locked storage area.
  • When using the equipment do not leave it unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Stay vigilant; a common tactic for crooks is to have one person distract the victim while an accomplice steals the equipment.
  • Record your serial numbers of the lawn equipment. If it is taken this is the best way aid in recovering it.

Current Crime Trends: Sliders

“Sliding” or “Sliders” are terms used to describe suspects engaged in particular style of car break ins and motor vehicle thefts. This type of theft usually happens at a gas station where the suspects target a victim that is fueling his vehicle. As the victim is outside their car and distracted by the fueling process the suspect(s), aka “sliders”, sneak up to the vehicle and slide into the passenger area where they either steal the victim’s purse or wallet, etc or actually steal the car.

Reports of “Sliding” have been on the rise in the metro area. Although in the Precinct 1 area we have had few of these incidents reported, one must always be cognizant of their surroundings. Make sure to lock your car doors when you are not in it, and don’t leave it running even with it secured with a key fob. If something makes you feel nervous, go to another station to get gas, and If you see suspicious activity please call 911 for proper investigation.