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Community Affairs

Community Affairs Unit

The Community Affairs Unit seeks to effectively engage the community and citizens to strengthen Public Safety and community partnerships, facilitate a joint effort in solving problems which affect our community, and foster enhanced trust, communication, transparency, and mutual respect.

Officers help foster a strong working relationship between the Department and the community it serves. Officers work with homeowners associations, community organizations, advocacy groups, public and private schools, faith-based organizations, and individual residents to promote partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

As a result of these working partnerships, the officers are able to develop pro-active crime fighting projects that are jointly undertaken by Department personnel and citizens.

The Community Affairs Unit has many programs that help build a bridge which enables residents and law enforcement to communicate, collaborate, and work together to build safer, more caring communities.

Contact Lt. Joe McCloskey (770) 528-8189 to see how the Community Affairs Unit can be involved with school, neighborhood, business, homeowners association, etc.

The Unit is supervised by Lieutenant Joe McCloskey.

Lt. McCloskey Sgt. Bullis Officer Justice
Officer Hill Officer Akram Officer Hurtado
Officer Nerio